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  1. Tbh how would I do this lol.. I know I'm missing out on alot of the game. But I would rather be able to play with people then solo all the time. Ps. Says alot how dedicated you are to this game when a gm comments to help. Ty for bringing city of X back. ❤️
  2. All the skills flash. I have a potato of a laptop(good for online college. Not so much for gaming) If I play with only min fx team mates I'm ok.. min all the flash goes off I lag out. Just be nice to not be doomed to solo life
  3. Edit.. So more or less cause of my potato of a laptop I can only play with min fx classes. I can't find a setting to turn them all off. I miss team play. Unhappily gf unemployed atm and living off my pay.. so new laptop long way away.
  4. Cool ty I'll play around with mids and plan out a cheap-oh God the cost builds to slowly step my way through.
  5. Well not going for best inf/min and main reason I am leaning towards sent is I am using a potato of a laptop.. (250 Canadian of amazon) rely just for my online schooling. But this game does run with lag spikes with effects go off(wish I could just turn them all off.. would help alot) So when playing melee I find my self having "out if range" problems as I try to work around the lag and get my self in place. Once I do it works fine. So range/def combo is a nice way to work around it. I am saving for a new PC. But that's a ways away. So on that note. I accept he won't be a +4/8 farmer. But at least something to use to slowly fund the troll I am aiming for. Once I get my better pc. I'll make a brute(who will be quick to come online thanks to sent farming) Anyways it's more about fun for me. Hell if there's a lag friendly troll that can farm I would go that way. But they tend to be semi paper
  6. so i love the mix it was what i always wanted.. ill admit i dont like fire armour. so i may need to make my own AE for farm.. down for doing it.(no idea how tbh) looking into what are the good prims for farm and gen play. (2nd i know willpower so unless some help ill use that) this will be self funded from scratch(i have 3.8mil but thats nothing) ty for any help you can give.. side note i use a really bad comp. so i need something with some leway for lag spikes
  7. Alright so I'm having the same problem I always have.. picking a toon to start with... this will be my first toon. So like it to be semi able to farm but dont like the standard thorn/fire brute way of life. I'm more or less looking for something that can do semi ok with farming dont care if it takes me a month to make what a true farmer does in a week. I have a crap comp even by live server standards.. so needs to be lag safe(yes I know drop difficulty to compensate. But I knows there's build that can work around this) I dont care class.. (tbh never owned classic. Used to go to bestfriends house and high Jack his older bros comp and play all his toons) have a soft spot for all. Just wanna relearn with a decent from start toon. Then I'll get more in depth as I feel confident.
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