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  1. Problem is any pairing works if done right. Unless your looking for more the top 5-10 meta in patch X. Won't really help. Someone tried to start a guide to guides for each class. But with not many up to date ones made. It didn't really take off. I would rather see a surge in guides on each main and 2ndarys or on pairing. Look at MM and the /dark guide pinned there. If I had alot more knowledge(and could ever pick a main and play it long enough) I would happily make one.
  2. Trying a self attempt at a build now. I dont mind not using rad. Melee classes even blasters are all(but 4 crab/widow/tri form dudes) up for game.
  3. Bleuz

    Build Costs

    My basic rad/fire farming build ran me around 35 mil(did do merit farming on missions) amd with 1 small purple was farming 3×8 till I have the 700ish mil its current build cost. Most basic IO builds that cost 25-35 mil can run solo(some classes need more) and do most of not all normal content solo amd in groups everything on 2-3x8. Just accept your dam output may not be killer but you can do it. Stuff like luck of the gambler just join groups. Do story acks enjoy the game and save up merit. Heck the class IOs can be gotten from merits also. Yes is 600 merits a set but It doesn't take as long as you think to get.
  4. Anything But an ill/rad troll.. have one.. build a crazy costly build.. did a gm did an av.. just not my kind of fun.. ill/ is the major factor why. Dont get me wrong it's a good set and if you like it power to you. After I strip the ill/rad I'll easily be sitting on 1.5bil plus a stack of "keep for all builds" IO's I can transfer as needed. I love the costume on the ill/rad and his concept and back story was done by my step daughter so just going to make him into a cheaper build made for 1x4-8 runs of normal contact. when she wants to see it played and use the resources for a new av killer. I'll admit I love of rad works and do enjoy it. Open to anything. Hear good things about cold and dark(all meaning /rad /dark /cold from troll or corrupter) I have a good rad/fire brute for farming when I have the time(newly married. Step daughters both just moved in full time. Plus one on the way. Free time is limited. Only reason why I will stripe a toon over re-farming. Just want a toon I can jump on pwn a gm when I have 30 mins or few days I'm lucky to have extra time hunt stuff that takes a few mission's to get to.) As much as it may take me a while I do plan on group/solo standard leveling. I'll just have my brute afk farming while I put in the work. (Except maybe lvl 47-50+1 the itch to make the build make take over.) There almost no class I won't build. Not big on the legacy redside or blue side classes. I think it's the massive amount of skills and that they have is just to much of a wall for me at my current understanding of the game. One factor to take into account is I have a bad rubber banding problem during busy times on the server. So super dependent on timing combos I may have problems with at those times.(but that's what a group/regular content 2nd build is for) Ty for any input you might be able to give. P.s not looking to break any records. P.s costume and name for him is already reserved(his look is black/white and goldish-orange and named "pure gold") lol so bonus round if it's a power combo that can be colour matched to fit. Ty agian while I wait and way in with the one or one's that catch my eye. I'll keep afk farming with my rad/fire brute and lvling my alts that either my step kids picked out or the wife. Or my side project's (made costume then tried to match power sets to it) P.s my main is a grav/storm troll in tribute to person that got me into this game that passed(his main on live)
  5. Remove the -speed is the big one..(dont like being forced to take teleport in today's way of playing or on live) -rechage I can accept you are a giant stone. Makes sence I'd like to see the impact less but ok with how it is. Hard to move when your mad of rock. -dam maybe dial it down to less negative you are being hit by a wall of stone. If anything it should be a dam boost. Plz anyone add comments and input. It's a hard to kill and amazing set but under used. P.s after fixes or changes want it on a stalker lol.
  6. Ended up with a Ice/ice stalker and a triple ice blaster. Probably most time I have ever put into a costume on both lol
  7. Bleuz

    a few MM Qs

    Ty ty ty. When I get home I'll do that on all my like 6 MM I have going lol
  8. Bleuz

    a few MM Qs

    Ty so much.. guess I gotta Power lvl and gear out a follower lol. Any boost is a good boost. Making it work with what I have to work with. Only reason for bot/ff is nostalgia. But up for any combo. Everyone says /time. My 50 I use as my 2nd in farms is a demon/time I just don't know a build.
  9. Be happy to offer my services as a nother teacher. I'm a little laggy but have a 1bil rad/fire build I rock pretty solid in. Try to get more then one group going.
  10. Been meaning to remake my vampire toon from live. But unsure the set this time was a dark/dark tank.. kinda want a dark/?? Controller
  11. +1 for storm. My friends brother whole resion I got into this game was destroying 4+8 on an unfinished build he was still working on the inf to do. AV solo and was making it GM capable to a limit. No idea his build long sence lost contact with them(kinda moved 7k Kim away) but it can be done
  12. I know stalker is the easy answer. But want something non defective set. So no armour. Wanna IO to make it stuff.. I solo alot but love teaming when I can. Need a nice balance. This will be the first toon I avoid AE with. Any advice? Dont mind a stalker. But open for anything along as it either has stealth or I pull into it.. have a whole theme I want
  13. Cool ty. Saving up atm to make a non farm build for him so I can steamroll the mastery unlock arc. Have a 50 on a mother account so I can double my inf gain by having him door sit. Also want 2nd build so I can do normal content with my rad/fire he may be a farmer but doesn't mean I need to skip out on rest of game with him. It's nice to take breaks from farming and enjoy the toon.
  14. I have a farmer with about a 200mil build on him. Working on story arc to unlock mu mastery atm so using fire till I do. Part of me wants to make a fire/kin troll follow buddy for my farmer. /kin goodness + hotfeet extra dam.
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