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  1. I'll throw mine out there too for comparison and discussion. Like Dark Dove, I focused more on defense as opposed to Resist as did Snarky. But mine has a bit more defense and probably cheaper to build since I don't use Purples. What I'm curious most about Snarky's build is that he avoided using Procs in Irradiated Ground. Has the Procs' % change to PPM changed their usefulness in quick pulses or quick recharge powers? Maybe I need to rethink how I should use these Procs? This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Iradiken: Level 50
  2. Bursurkur

    AFK farmer

    It's all good. I'm still learning myself. I've actually just revised my build about a week ago after seeing @Briggs video on his farmer. That's where I learned the magic number for defense is 45%. Before then I had them split in multiple places. So I revised my build to get at least 45% fire defense and that makes all the difference. I usually farm to power level my kids' new toons and decorate them and I'll take others along for the ride while I'm at it. Having a hands off farmer allows me to do that without sinking all my time into it. I wish more people would post their builds
  3. Bursurkur

    AFK farmer

    Not all builds will do just as well as any other. Not everyone is well versed in all things COH. My first attempt at building an AFK farmer was a Dark/Savage tanker. He can survive 8/+2 but kills ten times slower than a /Fire brute. So yeah you can spend three weeks researching and building a farmer that turned out to be a dud and leave most of the mobs alive, or apply a leeetle common sense and use someone's tested build that would wipe out all the mobs of 8/+4 when you come back in ten minutes. The OP requested a build so I gave him one. That probably saved him three weeks of researc
  4. Bursurkur

    AFK farmer

    This is what I'm running with on Torchbearer, but it's Rad and not Spine. He AFK 8/+4 in Asteroid map within ten minutes. Just turn on all toggles and Auto Burn. I like the map AFK+ by @Mista Snacks that has Invulnerable Bros running around and the mobs are Fire Homies. I just plant him near the center somewhere near the Invulnerable Bros. The mobs will turn their attention from the Invulnerable Bros to you and eventually allow the Invulnerable Bros to break free and run all over the place and agro the mobs and bring them to you. This works most of the time and within 10 minutes, they're a
  5. As Darmien said, "different strokes for different folks" I don't see how this change would break COX for anyone from playing the game as they already want to play it. It would not prevent anyone from playing every story arc in the game, it won't prevent anyone from creating as many alts as they want, it won't prevent anyone for looking for shinies, it won't even prevent people from enjoying Zone PvP since each zone already cap the levels and even disallow incarnate powers. I think the only thing that would be affected might be Arena PvP if they chose to allow it and of course bragging righ
  6. So my cousin who got me into COX when it was live had just went to graze in greener pastures. He said he's bored with COH and there's nothing to do. I think he meant once you're as strong as you could possibly be, then you're not motivated anymore to continue. I know some of you will disagree with that, and I myself like to build out new toons. But I can see his point. But it got me thinking, what if we have unlimited growth? What if we can continue to level and gets stronger? I've played games where I've seen people with levels over 1000. Every time you level you get a few points tha
  7. Yeah I guess it is based on AT. Mid shows it when you mouse over the the IO. I never really noticed it. All my brutes, corruptor, sentinel and blaster only got 65, and then the MM got 79. Guess we know who the Devs love!
  8. Hey all, Got a question about the Panacea +Heal/+End proc. I got it slotted for my brutes and my MM. My brutes are getting 65 per hit from it while my MM is getting 79 per hit. My brutes got more HP than my MM so the question is what's the determining factor to how much HP you get from it? Is it based on Archtype?
  9. This is what I run with for AFK farming Rad/Fire. I like the asteroid AFK farm by @Mista Snacks3 http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1522&c=732&a=1464&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594CF53525114C7EFE33D32145204051215FC85A122A8DB6A2CA569921963AA5D316FF485AF08980796D6AA7D8B7ECCE4D6AC166DDAF57BD51FD0BE7F42D47ECD346574DEFD9ED40606E6F3CEF79E73EE39E7DE476665C6FDF2CCDD934269395DD02B95DC296BB96A38337ADE5C5085109EECF44C247D363B1B494F67334DA474498F5CC628184622AB2F9A7AD52C156107B136635C358A152391360D6B3537BD6CE9A27DBE542A242E9053B9645565885B4A73865E368B798F34D2667EA94A56EBBFA545C
  10. You a correct, I was in Arena and travel suppression WAS turned on. Not sure how that happened. Yeah that was quite a frustrating experience since TP was my only travel power. My wife and kid were ganging up on me and laughing while I go, "What the heck? I didn't know Radiation Infection disables TP!" Daddy's gonna have to give them a spanking now that I know what's going on. Lol.
  11. Seems like they totally wrecked Teleport and Combat Teleport in PvP for the latest update. Any attack now would disable TP and CT for three or four seconds. And debuff toggles like Radiation Infection or Enervating Field would totally shut it down. I think they've just totally made these two powers useless in PvP. It was fun and fluid before now it's unusable. Does anyone see this as well?
  12. Yeah I'm not talking about eyes that took up half the face. Just more youthful and clean faces. More along the line of the Final Fantasy VII remake or the new Chinese 3D animations. Most of the current face and hair selection are pretty bad. Most of them I don't think were ever chosen by players when they build their characters.
  13. Just came back from a long while. Seems like all the costumes are still the same. I think CoH/CoV is long overdue for some Anime faces and hairs. That would definitely bring some fresh and exciting looks into the game and probably bring new interests too. Just a thought.
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