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  1. Have we to take it this is no longer judged by players like it used to be? I've been getting nothing but vagary and squirming about this topic.
  2. Some neat stuff here. I prefer tanker to brute, so seeing tanker get a little more playable is a nice change. I also love the MM changes - hopefully pets will be less suicidal now.
  3. I went over the psychological aspects of unlocking new costume things. The options are great but they're overwhelming. There's no drive to use that stuff because it's all there, trying to get your attention at once. People have varying amounts of time. Your personal situation is irrelevant, and I'm sure you have content that you can do that I cannot due to my own circumstances, that being various mental problems I'm not gonna get in to here. TFs come to mind. Or any group content at all. I know you didn't present this as an argument but it felt like one. I dunno. This entire thread has me on edge now after that first tirade of people accusing me of egostroking. Think I'm gonna back off from this. Learned that the coh community is definitely not what it used to be.
  4. Literally breaking your own legs is not fun. There's psychological aspects to it. That doesn't work.
  5. God forbid someone find a creative way to explain why their character is different from how they intended. As a casual RPer myself that's kind of a huge part of working around what is actually a pretty restrictive customisation system. A lot of parts, very few of them moving quite how I need them to.
  6. True, and like I said, the unlocking of items has that psychological effect - you want to make things more with the stuff you earn. It's cool new stuff, not a reason to stroke yourself off. I don't get the mentality.
  7. Being accused of wanting to ego-stroke sure as heck feels like an attack.
  8. Yeah, I just like the grind. People can like the things they like without an ulterior motive. I'm autistic, I like grinding repetetive stuff, and it's pretty nuts that people are attacking me over it by claiming I'm just egostroking.
  9. I feel it's worth pointing out that I never said relock old stuff behind new content walls. Not sure what you're arguing against but it ain't me.
  10. Could you explain why you think that not making costume pieces unlockable would be better? I went into how there's a psychological aspect to it, but you just seem to be being contrarian. Is there an actual reason you think that?
  11. I don't know where this hostility comes from, but you're wrong. Getting all the available badges involves content that I personally don't like - just as you might personally not like grindy content. That is all ok. Please don't use aggression to get your point across, though. I don't appreciate being accused of things.
  12. Same. i remember getting so excited when I'd worked towards a new costume piece/set and finally got it. It inspired me to go right to icon and make use of it, see what I could do. Half the time it sucked and didn't work, but hell at least I have the thing now, and there was generally something else to set my sights on.
  13. This. Literally nobody is holding a gun to your head. I choose not to play villain content because I find it boring for example - everyone's gonna have content they want and content they don't.
  14. At the same time, not everyone wants to come back to find one of the things they enjoyed about a game being stripped out. "Not everyone" is a hell of a term, and people forget it works multiple ways. I get why it was initially taken out - not many people played on the secret private server that definitely didnt exist and those that did were a tiny minority of players - but now it's bigger again.
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