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  1. I have an elec/elec blaster, and I'm SO thinking of dropping voltaic sentinel with a respec. I want to like it, but 60 seconds isn't a long time. But then I grew to love using MOG. I giggle when what damage from an alpha gets through heals in one tick. And yes. We NEED a whip set. I wonder if you could burgle some animation from the CoT guys with the tongues to fill that out.
  2. Yes, I understand things much better now. Thank you all, you rock! I'm thinking of starting off the build for exemping the lower level content, and then adjusting it for the higher stuff as I go along. Kind of doing the whole thing in level order (I should make myself a spreadsheet). I don't think I want to go through the same stuff twice with the same toon. And with a little luck I can recycle some of the enhancements for the lower level stuff into the next one to try. My current plan is to start with heavy defense/res, then move to heavy control/debuff, and try straight up heavy damage. I have a rad/dark tank partially worked up for phase 1.
  3. Now that I've got a few 50's and a cool dozen or so alts slowly making their way through the levels I've got another project I want to work on. I'm one of those weirdos who loves playing the pre-50 content as much as the post-50 content. I like the challenge of levelling, and all the ugly things that come with it. I also have this weird thing about not shuffling too much money between toons. Maybe a bit to overcome the lack of training enhancements (seriously, did anyone consider the new player experience with this one?). So my next thing is to make a toon to solo everything. Basically work 'em up to 50-ish, and then go through all of the taskforces, ouroboros missions, strikeforces, and whatnot with all of the EB's, AV's and GM's turned on. Not a ridiculous thing, I think. I've heard of others doing it. So in the end, a toon who isn't ponderously expensive who can exemp down to go through all of the fun content. Which brings me to my question(s). What's the best way to handle IOs to make sure as much of their functionality exemps down with me as possible? I'm missing something because when I exemp my 50's their IO bonuses tend to disappear, even when I'd think they should be there. Is there a handy rule of thumb like "don't use Enhancement Catalysts" or "do use Enhancement Catalysts" I could follow? Also, thoughts on fun AT's or power sets? I'm hoping to do this with a few different toons, so I'm looking for some interesting/unusual ideas I can work into a concept.
  4. I took LRM on an NRG/NRG blaster solely because it is fun to use. Adds zero to the performance of the character and I couldn't care less.
  5. For those using AR, having an immobilize handy is nice for using Ignite.
  6. As a note, I find the minor holds, though they don't last long, can be wonderful in mitigating scrapper-lock. It holds minions long enough to finish them before they run off.
  7. I believe it is reflected in the baseline regeneration and recovery, not as an additional number applied to it. Which supposedly makes any other enhancements on those values stronger, but honestly, I've never had a VEAT that didn't have massive endurance problems in the mid levels so I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't quite working.
  8. Oh, thank you so much for this. I've been considering making an elec/elec blaster, and was unsure how well it would wear over time.
  9. Sometimes I want to play a scrapper. Sometimes I want to play a tanker. Sometimes I want to play a stalker, but then I get a mission where I have to lead someone out and remember why I don't play them. But 90% of the time? I want to blow some stuff up with a blaster. Especially my nrg/nrg blaster. Shoot things until they die. If they reach me, punch them into next week.
  10. I've been wanting to make a good solo monster to grind through all of redside solo, but I keep getting distracted on character options, especially deciding between doing a good concept, or making something that can take on some of the TFs solo.
  11. I apologize for the necroposting, but this inspired me to rejigger my L35 bane spider. I dropped all but poison ray since that's the one ranged attack I tend to use. The AOEs are nice in groups, but honestly even then I never found them terribly effective. In a group I'm mostly there to give everyone 16% def. Picked up the fighting pool, totally forgot to get combat jumping, which I use for some knockback protection in addition to being able to better move around in missions. I got the first mace mastery skill because I want to add shatter armor to my rotation when I can. I really dislike that the fighting pool is more or less required for most builds these days, especially if you solo, but it is what it is. At least we get fitness for free. Things are MUCH better now. I was doubtful about working him to 50 before, but my attitude has definitely changed. This matches my playstyle much better. Less of an endurance hog, much more durable.
  12. Just went on a wild goose chase for Arbiter Lupin in Nerva. Would have been nice if the game didn't tell me to go looking for someone who isn't there.
  13. Honestly, that's always been my concern with playing a crab spider. I'm a concept and aesthetic driven player for the most part, and the crab spider with a rifle simply hasn't appealed to me. I think this would be an excellent change.
  14. I know this one is as ancient as the winds, but: In the mission "Defeat Freaks, Save Any Item" (called "Stop The Destruction" I think) given by Wilma Peterson. On all three of the items I'm supposed to save there's a Freakshow IN the item. He can't be targeted, and can attack the item. Sometimes they pop out on their own. Sometimes they destroy it and the objective fails. Is there no way to fix that? I know the mission requirements loosened up in the way back when because that mission was more or less a complete failure no matter what, but it still isn't working right.
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