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  1. At no point have I ever felt the need to get day jobs and have only ever used the base teleporter for Task Forces... I have no idea where to perception of forced need is coming from. Additionally, who cares about being "the fastest option?" Just have fun and stop harassing our devs over a change you don't agree with.
  2. Then the correct term should've been "I like seeing," or "I like that," as your current statement of "I really like to see" looks more like a typo
  3. Nah, Heavy would obviously be a AR/Invulnerable Sentinel 😛
  4. I'm with ya on the suggestion for fighting. It always felt weird that I had to sheath my sword or put away my pistols just to kick a guy in the face lol
  5. Is there a way to change the power so it can benefit from Defiance?
  6. Anyone else already excited for what they have in store for us in page 28? 😛
  7. Yeah, I've always had the creative drive, just lack the time, patience or sense of direction I feel I need to actually feel comfortable drawing.
  8. teach me your ways senpai XD
  9. What's Captain Wrong look like? 😛
  10. He has a ponytail and the ethnicity is Hawaiian/Japanese
  11. new to HC, used to play CoH as a kid where I just used the presets lol
  12. First attempt at making my own costume for a character... hope you all like it. His name is The Resistance Arrow: A Technology Archery/Atomic Blaster
  13. This my good old martial arts cult leader Sir Grimly :3 He's a Dark/Fire Scrapper
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