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  1. Thank you for the inspiration to add a second suggestion for the mods here. Can we have more help with the troll situation here? It will keep players from wanting to add potentially valuable ideas and share with the community. I am now unsubscribing.
  2. Have you actually read the replies? whether or not you agree is not something I’m concerned with. I am posting in a suggestion forum.
  3. Another suggestion is Thank you for that info. You have proven my point.
  4. Thank you for not being 5 years old with your reply and explanation. I absolutely do not mean to change what is working today and what has been status quo. It’s more about just having some payoff, if not additional unlockable costume pieces perhaphs extra enhancement slots, colored text, having temp powers to perm, added pets..some kind of true incentive to encourage more teaming and community, not to mention recognition for the dedication to content and character development. Thank you again for your reply.
  5. And you are getting that info from where?
  6. Says you my friend. Thank you for sharing.
  7. Im giving a suggestion. You don’t have to agree. Yay.
  8. My suggestion is to help give people reason for badging. Maybe have unlockable powers ( yes I know the accolade ones but something else). maybe new costume pieces. maybe an icon or something on character name in game (gold text?) nothing against powerlevelers, but those of us who enjoy and work our characters through content should be given incentive.
  9. When you hit incarnate is when the real game begins!
  10. Not even close to as good as it gets, at least for me. I play primarily doms. It’s all endgame imo. But its also skill. Meaning by the time I got more powerful I also learned how to play a dom. They are very unique and not for the instant gratification crowd.
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