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  1. Oh wow you think a nerf will hit that soon?
  2. Elia87

    Oh Shoot

    Then beam rifle / devices! You will love it!
  3. Just a curiosity: is /beam strongher than /son for rad primary?
  4. How does psy/bio do in endgame content? I am scared cause i hear psy is resisted alot
  5. Elia87

    Oh Shoot

    I would play DP/ninja and shoot dart injections to everything in my sight
  6. I just got ice/plant to 50, love the debuff part of plant, wild fortress with the absorb is also quite nice..beam/dev i took Soul mastery and it is becoming one of my favorite. Beam i love the dmg and the disintegrate effect is very satisfying, really solid dmg
  7. I got Beam /ta /plant and /devices..i really loved /ta before the nerf, now it feels strange for some reasons..I have to rebuild it, maybe try a different pool powers..devices i like it, caltrops is really nice.. plant is ranged, i took one melee power for makos bite and with spore clouds i quite like it..
  8. Ohhhh that would be really lovely!! Also, how do you think rad/son would be compared to Dp/time? Thank you in advance
  9. Any builds for that beam/dev you could share Nim please? I will post mine when i log on laptop but i dont think it is that great..
  10. Is fire/dark strongher than water/storm? Which corr pairings would you guys recommend for high dmg/debuffs?
  11. Wow seems awesome storm/sonic corr! Qurstion regarding fire/dark corrs, are they still doable as power pairing for high dmg/debuffs?
  12. Just curious Just curious, why pick frost breath instead of bitter freeze ray? Because of activation time?
  13. So it comes down to rad/sonic And what else? Dark?/fire? Time also from what you guys say seems interesting Edit spelling
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