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  1. How is rads dmg compared to other sets?
  2. Elia87

    Trick Arrow.

    What pairs well with TA for high dps?
  3. Fire/dark corr can do the same? Thanks Snarky, yea I had to reread that..but i love water/time! Full of tricks! Will post later my build
  4. I have a 50 water/time blaster.. how come my dmg seems pretty low? Is it my build or the pairing not good enough?
  5. Would you be so kind as ro share your beam/devices build? Thankss
  6. What would you suggest to pick as alpha incarnate? Muscular or ? Thanks for your advices
  7. Elia87

    Earth/ what?

    Can you solo AVs or GMs with doms? And would that plant/Savage allow me to do it?
  8. Is this build perma dom? How do you achieve that? Sorry for thr noob qiestion
  9. Elia87

    Earth/ what?

    I like that Savage secondary as @oedipus_tex pointed out i saw his earth/sav/lev videos XD!! what primary do you guys think would work great with that? I got almost 50 with my earth/earth/mace dom
  10. Elia87

    Earth/ what?

    I tried to browse the forum here but i cant decide..I like the feel of earth, heavy and strong but idk how it does in actual gameplay..Savage seems fun..I wanted something that hits and stops mobs from attacking and just melt away.
  11. Elia87

    Earth/ what?

    Hello fellow doms! I started taking interest in earth powers! So i figured it should be best on doms..am i right? What is the best secondary and app for earth? Feel free to suggest..thanks
  12. Ohhh proc master! Enlighten me! I am sooo interested into using many procs on a AT! Blaster would be better as i love them, but any is fine! I love all those orange numbers popping up on the baddies!
  13. Question: do procs work in rain powers?
  14. I am so noob, sorry for the questions guys i am trying to understand the mechanics of the game..bear with me please. Your insight in much much appreciated!!
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