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  1. Elia87

    EM/SR build.

    I also would be interested in one..as i am not good at building builds..much appreciated
  2. Hello everyone! As the title suggests, i am looking for a combo of power that can defeat GMs and occasionally AVs easily, without the use of -reg items from the p2w vendor. Any ideas please? I tried to look on other posts but there is no clear answer..thank you all
  3. I am also interested in doing beam/plant, could anyone please help make a create a build? Ranged dps would be awesome! Thanks guys!
  4. Elia87

    Energy Stalker

    Any builds avaible for the energy/sr stalker?
  5. Elia87

    Energy Stalker

    To solo GMs and avs /bio not good guys?
  6. What have they done to /nin that /ta doesnt have now? What about /devices?
  7. Sorry for the noob question, but why take afterburner, vengeance and hover? I wanted to be able to get that taser ability too, that isbwhy i ask..sorry for the inconvenience
  8. Is there a chance to have a different beam/devices build? One without the gun drone and maybe Mu Mastery instead. Sadly i don't know how to make builds etc..thanks in advance
  9. Elia87

    Beam rifle/ ?

    Does anyone have by chance a build for beam/devices they can share? I am not good in creating builds..something that does high dmg
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