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  1. I remember that when they were first introduced, they were leaderboards that tracked things like damage dealt or enemies defeated. And I think they did that for the zone you were in and for the entire game (only blueside then), but that might not be the case. I'm not sure when the character stats they show now were added (nor when the leaderboards were dropped), but they do still work. They even track how many times you visit the top of the Atlas Park globe.
  2. Ballistic. "Of or relating to the science of the motion of projectiles in flight. Behaving like a projectile. Extremely and usually suddenly excited, upset, or angry."
  3. At launch, there were no difficulty settings for missions, so if you wanted to fight foes who were much higher level, you needed to find a high-level team leader (and that leader really wanted to be on a higher-level team himself), or you could street sweep and fight purples where you found them. And before the purple patch, a decent group could easily fight +5s, even +6s and +7s (although it was slow), and you had a chance with +8s. I'm not sure it really was faster than quickly killing +3s and +4s, but most of the people I teamed with wanted to fight +8s if they could.
  4. They work hard, and they play hard.
  5. Ugh. What I meant to say was, It might be in the case of TT (which can only be used by people on the same team) that only a casting from someone in your team would delete one. But that door after the second mission of Yin is very busy this week. I've seen 3 groups there at one time.
  6. Not sure if this detail has been mentioned yet, but the Def bonus from Evasive Maneuvers and the extra (out of combat) Def and stealth radius in Stealth take 10 seconds to kick in after you turn on the toggles themselves. This is out of combat, with no other toggles active, no movement, and no buffs from other players (I'm testing it in my base, alone). From scratch, they take 10 seconds to turn on. So Stealth is now also Invisibility, but it has a 10 second activation time no matter what you're doing. And that 10-second suppression restarts if you turn on any toggle (or buff yours
  7. Along with Physician, I usually go for Alchemist (Caregiver + Midnighter) for the ally heal power, and the Gladiator accolade (Duelist + Predator) for the Combat Shield power. The Sleep Gas and Tear Gas powers you get with Scientist and Security Chief look like they could come in handy, but I never remember to use them.
  8. This gives me another idea: new Police Radio missions that are only available in a specific Hazard Zone. Completing 3-5 of those missions could earn you a special mission from the zone's Security Officer, like a new kind of Safeguard/Mayhem mission. To make them interesting, they would need to be distinct from Safeguards/Mayhems in some way. . . .
  9. The best Hazard Zones and Trial Zones have story arcs, TFs, or Trials, in addition to the usual large spawns and interesting environments. The lesser ones (Perez, Boomtown, Crey's Folly) only have a giant monster or two. I'd like to see Perez, Boom, and Crey's stay at their current level ranges and get zone-specific TFs/arcs in the style of the Hess and Yin TFs (not too many missions, all in the same zone) or the Hollows/Faultline/Striga arcs. That's a very achievable goal: it doesn't require changes to existing zones beyond adding some new NPCs.
  10. This Google spreadsheet has the icon images and names: CoH Icons
  11. That was me! Great teaming with you! Knuckles 2004 is an Invulnerability/Super Strength Tank and a recreation of my first character (originally created on Champion during launch week). At one point, Marcus Wellby and I were hit by a 5-man patrol while fighting another 5-man spawn. Ten Council take a long time to drop at level 5 when you don't have Sands of Mu, the Nemesis Staff, or your origin power. I wouldn't have survived without some great healing. That mission gave me a flashback to my first Task Force: Positron at level 11. It took forever, especially
  12. I think all of the origin contacts below level 40 were in there at launch, although some of their locations and missions have been changed. The best place to see them all listed is probably here: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Stature_Levels. The original Freedom Phalanx Task Force contacts were in the game: Positron, Synapse, Sister Psyche, Bastion (who became Citadel in Issue 4), Manticore, and Numina. The Sister Psyche TF and the original Positron TF can still be run through Ouroboros. I think none of the Trials were active at launch except Hamidon, but some of
  13. Binds and macros were in the game at launch. They're in the original manual, and in the Prima guide which was written during Beta. Slash commands like powexecname and powexecslot are in the Prima guide, but the "targetenemy" commands are not. And powexectoggleon and powexectoggleoff commands were new in Issue 3.
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