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  1. Not sure, but the patch notes are mobs -0 to +6 and team sizes up to 16.
  2. I can usually eek out 4 on a team with buffs and burnout gives me a additional one.
  3. Has anyone done it yet or seen it? I hit five the other day on a BaF run.
  4. Yes, but it only changed when I went from T3 to T4 and corrected itself when unslotted and reslotted.
  5. I watched DS9’s The Visitor last night and I’m not crying, you are.
  6. Yeah I recall them being labeled floating tanks. It seems they inherited the photon seekers logic.
  7. Has anybody got this working? Virtual Mouse Mode Implemented virtual mouse mode for XInput gamepads Holding both triggers now enters virtual mouse mode: The left stick moves the mouse pointer. This is analog, with a small amount of acceleration past halfway pressed Moving the right stick up and down moves the mouse wheel Moving the right stick left and right passes through to your normal binds, allowing you to turn the camera The A/Cross button is the left mouse button The B/Circle button is the right mouse button
  8. Anyone know when and why Warshade Essences no longer carry human form buffs over? I only started replaying Warshades and noticed they die a heck faster than I remembered and notice they don’t carry Eclipse over.
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