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  1. I see, so basically you could say i'm playing an underdog powerset? (aside from sonic) in which case this is nice to know atleast.
  2. I believe I remember reading this somewhere, but I have an AR/Devices Blaster and i'm loving him and is probably going to be my 1st 50 Is it because of the narrow cone of Full Auto? Because I don't have a problem with it, all I do to fix that up is to just walk up to the mob group and then just click it and watch the orange numbers fly everywhere. But I generally don't know why they call it weak.
  3. It can be anything you find satisfying, doesn't matter what it is. The most satisfying thing i've heard and felt so far is the Full Auto ability when you hit alot of mobs in a cone and then starts to make that gun sound, and then when the mobs are firing alot of abilities at your team and then you blast your big ability at them back.
  4. Agent Auger, my Assault Rifle/Devices blaster. Darker and Darker my Dark Armor/Dark Melee tanker Druid of Hell-Life, my Demon Summoning/ Nature Mastermind Ice-Chilling Crusade my Broad Sword/ Shield Brute Arzt Theismann, my Thugs/ Pain Mastermind (name is German, including the title "Arzt")
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