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  1. I work for Comcast* and for 15 years, I've heard endless complaints from people who wanted "a la carte" programming so, now that it's nearly upon us, it's interesting to see people begin to realize how unfeasibly expensive those standalone options will be. (*I have nothing to do with tech support, billing or customer service, so don't yell at me.)
  2. There's a difference between Astronomical and Meteorological dates for the starts of seasons. While the Astronomical start of winter is the solstice (December 21st), the Meteorological start is December 1st. Therefore, neither is really wrong.
  3. My strategy thus far has been to buy a few dozen packs, impatiently sell the components, and then grumble that I'm only breaking even. I'm not sure it's a strategy that I can strongly endorse at this time.
  4. Forcing me to Google, "What's Vermillion?" Great costume & name!
  5. This is why I installed different instances of the HC launcher in 2 folders, rather than use the Multiple Instances option. Call me lazy, but I prefer not having to endlessly replace the user name.
  6. Less of a costume (literally) than a concept built around an aura, I've been playing around for a while with the idea of an ethereal character. The vaporous aura + invisibility + hover creates a satisfyingly gaseous effect. Ms. Freon, Ice/Ice Dominator.
  7. I knew there was a "cross" pattern! I scrolled through 3 times looking for it. I swear, costume parts hide from me. (Also, how embarrassing to realize it's the third one down and I guess I was skipping past it.) I'm really liking parts of both suggestions; thanks guys! I'll be fiddling around with this one for a bit I suspect, but you've both given me some great ideas.
  8. Out of my 50-ish toons, there are a small handful that I haven't satisfactorily visualized; I've gotten some great help here, so let's give this one a go. The Baltic Shield. Named after the geological formation of Fennoscandia, he's a Scandinavian Captain America-type (SJ/Shield Brute). I'm going for a sleek, Silver Age superhero look with, perhaps, a small Viking flair. Ideally I'm trying to match the feel, if not the look, of one of the Nordic flags which has proven to be elusive in the costume creator, at least to the limits of my skills in there. I don't particularly care
  9. I must admit, I like this one enough that I saved it even though I have no character or concept that it suits; maybe one day ...
  10. Excellent job de-constructing everything I was going for and coming up with some major improvements! I went with most of your suggestions, with just a few tweaks. I played around with a few of the leather/scrap pants, but went with 'Rough Leather' because the patches fit with the scarecrow theme without being too raggedy. Also went with alternate costumes -- Toxic Vapor on the gloves for non-combat, and an even more scarecrow-ish look with the Cabal hat. His costume change emote is Murder of Crows, naturally. Real happy with the way he turned out; thank
  11. Looking for some ideas & suggestions on this guy. Scaremonger, a Dark/Dark Dominator (although is dark powers are colored to be more of a fear-gas). The backpack cannisters, shoulder & gloves are integral to the concept, but everything else is up for grabs. I'm going for a supervillain that is evocative of a scarecrow, without looking raggedy.
  12. Well I'm stumped. How was the head -- or, lack thereof -- achieved? Playing around in Auras, I can get the headless look with glowing eyes or cloud, but not both ...
  13. Not replying to anyone in particular, but sharing some general thoughts. As a longtime empath Defender -- a toon I played for the entirety of CoH's original run and my first on HC to hit 50 -- the dismissive, "it's only good in the early levels" attitude I often see on the board and over on reddit saddens me a bit. I admit, I can't entirely deny it. My other 50 is a spines/fire Brute and I sometimes dual box them. Pains me to say it, but the empath in that case is a superfluity; Fortitude, Adrenaline Boost, stacked Leadership and the occasional Sniper shot are all nice to have,
  14. Both great suggestions and combining elements of both gets me awfully close to a fully developed looks. I took the heavy emphasis on leather/fur from the first, and I love the feeling that she's wearing a pelt hood as in the second. I'll be tweaking details -- gloves & belt -- for a few days I suspect, but she's taking form.
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