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  1. Worth what? They play fine, have fun, make some characters to fill your hundreds of available character slots. Or don't, that's cool too. There aren't any powersets in the game that are unplayable-bad, there's just good powersets and really good powersets. If all you want is really good powersets, then you're only going to have like, three options, but do whatever's fun for you, if you like those three options more than anything else.
  2. WM/Rad is very good on a Scrapper particularly. Rad Therapy has a 100% regen buff that other AT's don't get, so you're incentivized to fill it up with damage procs and fire it off every time it's up. Meltdown gives a higher damage buff, and Ground Zero with procs is really strong. War Mace's ability to slot several Force Feedback procs and +rech debuff aura in rad makes recharging your proc nukes fast, and Crowd Control remains a staple. Probably my favorite scrapper set combination currently. Crunchy good ST damage, big time AoE damage and highly survivable, pretty easy to get high resists and softcap S/L/M def (not to mention built-in aura with -tohit) with a backbone of regeneration and absorb as mitigation, plus infinite endurance, it's crazy. If you're set on playing a Scrapper, this is a good route to pick.
  3. FA always seems to work better on a Brute or Tanker. War Mace and most attack sets will probably perform better on a Scrapper. Brute seems like the right compromise to me, but a lot of that hinges on Brutes not having to deal with running mobs as much as Scrappers.
  4. I found adding a fully proc-slotted Suppressive Fire to the ST chain to really make a big difference, it's a heavy hitter. I don't think the narrow cone in Piercing Rounds is that great but I could be wrong, I'm not sure, I've never really put it to use much because of the animation time. I think Empty Clips is okay, it would probably be better with some range slotting but I never manage to find extra room for that, so I agree I could probably go without it too. I guess with enough FF proc slotting Empty Clips might be less useful in general.
  5. Compared to what? And functionally which powerset (if not both) is the culprit of this damage deficiency, and why?
  6. Might be one of the best synergies in the game at this stage. Time gives all of the buff/debuff you need so that you don't have to slot your blast powerset for set bonuses, which allows you to slot an abundance of procs, and Dual Pistols offers some of the heaviest proc slotting capacity of any blast set. It may perform better on a defender due to higher buff/debuff numbers, but it will still work very, very well on a corruptor. Search the defender forum specifically if you need build examples, they will build very similarly either way, the primary difference will be Corruptors will have a harder time reaching incarnate defense levels that defenders can reach, but with Power Boost or Power Build Up, it doesn't really matter much.
  7. Shield is probably the right choice for a secondary to suit your interests since it has healthy DDR and AAO taunts. Be aware that before IO sets, shield doesn't perform that well compared to something like Super Reflexes defensively, so Shield blooms later or requires a lot of investment early for attuned sets and the like. When you do have IO sets though, Shield is pretty amazing, with layers like +HP/Res/Def/DDR/-Dam that really shine in mixed content. Percentages are going to depend on what you want in the end. I build every character to softcap defense of some kind (45% S/L/M or 45%M/R/A) and strive for as much S/L resist (and other res when possible) as I can get, with 75% being the ultimate (rarely reached) goal. You might instead build for less defense and resist in favor of recharge and damage output. It depends on what you want or need for your type of fun. Dark Melee is okay. The single target isn't amazing and the AoE isn't amazing but Soul Drain on a fast recharge can make it competitive. Touch of Fear and Shadow Maul are great for leveling up and the tohit debuff in the attacks and the heal can fix the early problems Shield has before IO's. Overall it is a good pairing for Shield specifically because of these things, and how well AAO and Soul Drain mesh for high sustained dps in large groups. Other options for secondary would be Invuln or Energy, which both have taunt auras and DDR. They have weaknesses to certain damage types (Psi or Tox etc). They're good sets but Shield will do specifically what you want probably a little better on a scrapper. Still worth looking over the powers to see if they suit your needs though. Primary other options to look at pairing with shield would be Mace for all around versatile damage/AoE/control, or Energy Melee for very strong single target damage. Rad Melee has some interesting options if you can stand the animations (I can't personally).
  8. In almost all circumstances for the way I play, yes. I almost never use long-snipe on any character though in any meaningful way; it seems to actually slow down my DPS if I take the time to wait for slow snipe to be active and then wait for the full animation time, when I could be instead just rotating through my attacks again during that time. This essentially means I put zero value on slow-snipe, so Venomous Gas or any other positive value ability will take priority, for me, barring very special circumstances. There are good reasons to not use Venomous Gas, but for me, this isn't one of them.
  9. DDR is defense debuff resistance. It means when an enemy debuffs your defense, it will have less impact on you. It's a helpful stat vs. some of the more dangerous enemy types. +5 means using Enhancement Boosters (which you can buy from the AH, or find in Super Packs, or through I think merits). It allows you to increase the effectiveness of an enhancement by +1 level per booster used, up to +5. So a level 50 set enhancement with five boosters acts like a level 50+5. Alpha slots, when you get to higher tiers, ignore enhancement diversification values to some extent (read the powers themselves to see by how much per tier). This means you can push far beyond the normal damage % enhancement value than you would normally be able to with just enhancements, which makes it an attractive use of the Alpha slot, though the Alpha slot can be used for other purposes, damage is the most common use because you can take care of other issues such as defense and resistances with IO sets easily (case by case still, though, this isn't an always situation). The economy on Homecoming is very forgiving, don't count out expensive builds, they aren't actually very expensive with minor effort and time investment.
  10. Luckily, you can adjust the difficulty settings for your missions to your tastes. Not challenged enough? Increase the number of players and/or enemy level as needed. Or, you can just not slot SO's and you'll get a similar experience.
  11. No AT is useless in endgame. There are a few specific situations in very specific missions where a Tanker is particularly useful. I think what is closer to reality is, no AT is required in endgame for the most part. Every AT starts to function similarly with the addition of incarnate abilities and IO sets. Every AT can slot IO sets to get very high defenses, and every AT gets massive AoE damage and even mez protection. Tankers aren't special in this, all AT's start to look the same, all roles become muddy when everyone can do everything. Tankers are great fun, and even if every AT can build tough, Tankers are the toughest still. Have fun with your Inv/SS, that's the point after all, right? Don't worry about what someone thinks about the AT, just focus on what you like about it. Tankers are definitely not unwanted in endgame, they do smooth things over, just like other AT's.
  12. You have all the character slots, play each of them and figure out which you like best. It may not be the answer you want, but it's the best answer. Corruptor works out strong in theory because of damage caps by AT (corruptor cap is higher) and additionally scourge, if damage is your goal. If I had to pick an optimal AT to play Kinetics on, it'd be Corruptor for me. Defender gets powers earlier and has better secondary debuff values if you intend to do something like sonic or dark for blasting, etc. Controller has access to controller primary powers if that's a playstyle you prefer. Mastermind has pets and stuff if you like that. These two seem like the weakest choices out of the gate.
  13. Sounds right, probably what I read, good information. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. I would personally favor Ageless just for recharge, but in this case Barrier is great just because of Energy Aura's weaknesses. It's a tough call. I would just prioritize by your needs/wants really, if you want offense, get Ageless, if you want to be more defensively sturdy, Barrier. Don't forget you can eventually just get both and use whatever feels right, so there's no big problem with just trying one out now.
  15. Storm is rough on endurance, it's one of the few sets that still feel hard to keep up with for endurance, Storm even feels harsher than Dark Armor togglefest. Some notes, there are more endurance global IO's to look at. Three slotting health with Panacea: +Hitpoints/Endurance, Miracle Recovery, Numina's Regen/Recovery all add some more endurance management. It can get pricey though if you don't have a lot of inf, so if you can't afford them, look into using merits or selling merit-bought converters. It also requires two extra slots in health, so that's something to consider. I find them very useful on any end heavy build. There's some P2W options as well at the vendor. You can get Recovery Serum charges (5 per 50k) that give you a huge recovery increase for a period of time. I tend to buy a full set of this for each end-heavy new character I make (you can hold up to 50 charges). This makes a big difference before getting incarnates to help with endurance. There are amplifier buffs that you can buy by the hour, but they get pricey after the early levels. I try to buy 8 hours of all three of them (1000 inf per hour) on each new character, just because it's very cheap at level 1. In stark contrast, they cost something like 2.5 million per hour at level 50, so it's more of a use it while you level kind of thing rather than something to rely on late game. There are base empowerment buffs you can get for recovery too. Just make a base (free to do), put in the buff station, and stock up on some common cheap salvage. I think you get an hour and a half recovery buff for two or three common salvage, and you can refresh it as often as it expires for the same cheap price. Worth using it for the +recharge too, you can get 20% recharge for an hour and a half for something like a common and uncommon salvage. KB protection etc, other buffs available for cheap salvage really makes some things better. Getting the +max end accolades helps too, look into getting them as early as you can.
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