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  1. I don't avoid musculature on brutes, more damage is more damage. I also take it on defenders and other AT's with low damage scale, but I build aggressively with a lot of procs so your results may vary. The difference is for a brute that it's less important and you can instead take something else like spiritual or ageless while losing less in the trade compared to some other AT's. It doesn't make the damage Musculature provides less valuable overall, it's still just as good as a damage enhancement slotted in the power, and you probably don't avoid those. It's still not a big deal though, an
  2. Fire/Fire blaster? I can't look right now, but I think that's a thing. EDIT: I eventually looked, yep, Fire/Fire blaster has access to both Rain of Fire and Burn. Is Burn even worth using without something to stop mobs from running? I have no experience with it outside of AT's with aggro control.
  3. Taunt is entirely skippable on a Brute, just take it if you like what it does or need it for specific content you intend to run. You can get effective slotting on an attack (like Ball Lightning) easily in two slots with one Acc/Dam Hami (combined to +3 if you're inclined, but not necessary) and one +5 purple damage IO (ragnarok) if you decide to dump taunt and can't find more slots for it. Spiritual alpha (I just noticed that's what you went with) will negatively effect your proc rates, so be aware of that. It won't be terrible for long recharge powers like GZ/Rad thera
  4. This hard factual evidence shows that something like 7,500 characters decided that SS was unplayable, while a paltry 2000 decided to suffer through it that year. CASE CLOSED!
  5. Don't overkill on -res procs, they are fine but they aren't game changers, I find them skippable unless you don't have anything better to slot most of the time, but nice to have one or two when it does make sense. Beta Decay doesn't have a great proc rate but it's always going and there's nothing else really good to put there, so I think it's a no brainer, but I wouldn't double up on having another achilles in another power, they aren't going to stack, it's a waste. Rad Therapy is fantastic as a proc power. Five damage procs and the theft of essence proc is the best way to go. Ot
  6. What constitutes "ignorable behavior" is in my opinion specifically anything. Ignore function isn't intended as a punishment or an unkindness, it's a filter for your environment that can and should be used for whatever purpose you decide that makes the game better for you, short of malicious use, like every other tool provided in game. It's the same as turning on the profanity filter or changing the hue of your UI. It has the same moral weight as pushing the "C" key default that hides the chat interface completely, or just removing the LFG/Broadcast and other public channels from
  7. I've rifled through seven sentinels to 50+ incarnate with full builds. Only a single one is fun to play in endgame and exemplar, and the entire reason for that is I abused the poorly balanced Epic pools for Mind Probe/Dominate procs, and Bio Armor for reasonable damage output, nothing "sentinel" makes it fun to play, only the exploitation of the best available options makes it fun to play. I've tried really hard to enjoy the others but it just doesn't work, every single one of them in play feels like I should just roll another AT for the concept and actually have fun by doing good damage or g
  8. I have so many blasters. So, so many. If I could only play one blaster, it'd definitely be fire primary, because no matter how many other powersets I try, Fire feels like a POWERset, the secondary doesn't matter nearly as much but... Since I am a very 'mobile' blaster player who loves to get in and out of melee and I'm shamelessly addicted to Force Feedback: Chance for +Recharge, the secondary would probably end up being /Elec. This ensures that I can cast fireball as many times as I like, and that I have very good melee options when I've hopped into the fray.
  9. Lots of opinions below, beware! Touch of Fear is a good, fast recharging AoE with four to five procs in it. It's not good without procs though, so if you aren't going to proc it, skip it; it's also much better on a Tanker. Shadow Maul is always a better pick than Touch of Fear if you only get one. I usually try to take both, though, they make a solid AoE attack chain for early on and exemplar. Still, not necessary. Your acc looks to be in the high 80's. As long as your soul drain hits anything, your to hit will be well over that, so I wouldn't worry about slotting an
  10. This will be the bio for my next character, Dark Parrot. Dark/SS tanker. I won't play the character for long though, because SS is unbearable to play with rage crash.
  11. Just because they don't want to see spam advertisement messages of certain kinds, doesn't mean they want to never communicate ever with the player behind the local name. Pretty straightforward and reasonable. Example: "I am severely annoyed by Player A's advertisement for costume contests, so I put them on ignore. Yet, I quite like teaming with Player A on other characters than the one they advertise costume contests on, but I have them on ignore, which is global, so I will never be able to see their messages in response to my team advertisements. If I could just ignore the local name for the
  12. I almost never run speedrun teams. When I lead a team, it's always with the intent to play casually fast. Defeat the mobs in between the team and the objectives unless it's not logical to do that (huge open maps,ridiculous orangebagel maps etc, I don't ever want to fight everything on them, so you skip, because that makes sense for respecting everyone's time). Sure, I move at a fast pace if I'm on a pace-setting character like a tanker or brute or whatever can absorb alpha strikes, but again that is just respecting everyone on the team's playtime. Synpase the task force itself isn
  13. I usually suggest secondaries that help with endurance costs, because Stone Melee is fast animating and endurance heavy, so you run through the blue bar really quick. Some standouts for that are Rad Armor (top pick for me) and Bio Armor because they both have endurance management aplenty as well as additional powers that either add damage or cause damage. Energy Armor has some endurance management and isn't available to tankers, so if you want something that you can only do on a brute, Stone Melee/Energy Aura is one combination like that. Any combination will work though, so maybe
  14. I like taunt. It makes things easier. The range and -range is a dream! I hate taunt. It makes builds harder. I need that spot for Fly! So... take it or don't take it, it'll work out fine either way, you should probably play with it for a while first before you decide you don't want it though because you might love what it does.
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