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  1. ~6% resistances come from one application of the Superior Might of the Tanker proc, which can also stack multiple times in game but is base one stack in mids. Are you hitting an enemy in game with the power that has the proc in it and watching your resist numbers? Usually that power in mids is considered "on" for purposes of resist numbers, you can click the button on the power to toggle it off to see the numbers without the proc active. EDIT: I checked both builds in my mids install. The problem seems to be solved by removing the ATO proc on the build and replacing it again, i
  2. Invuln has better resists and a huge heal, lower defense debuff resistance and a psi damage hole that can be fixed with IO's, doesn't offer much in the way of offense. Slightly endurance intensive. Works very well from low levels on up. Shield has better damage with AAO and Shield Charge, better defense debuff resistance, but lower overall resists and no heal. Click mez protection is a pain in the butt but offers more DDR. Endurance intensive, blooms a little later and really needs IO sets. Invuln is "easier" overall.
  3. You're welcome, have fun. Savage has "slow" damage because it relies on damage over time and can feel a little anemic, especially vs. single targets, and there's not much to be done about it other than sacrificing survivability for damage% procs. Your AoE should feel pretty decent, though. This is just one of the pitfalls of the set, it really needs a pass by the dev team to fix the problems with Hemo and maybe some of the other powers. Still, fun set, neat animations, and fits a lot of themes so I still happen to like it in spite of the flaws.
  4. Cloak of Fear is fine, but oppressive gloom costs less to run and is more effective at mitigation and eclipses Cloak of Fear, which is endurance expensive and needs heavy slotting for the most benefit (Oppressive Gloom can run on a single accuracy enhancement and still be effective and endurance efficient). Most of the time you just don't need both, but that doesn't mean if you like the power you have to skip one, you can always take them both and work your build around that. Through my many, many dark armor builds I've never found Cloak of Fear particularly useful and almost alwa
  5. Particle Shielding is your go-to mitigation, you get that at 28, you're almost there so keep at it, with proper slotting Particle Shielding will be up basically all the time, use it a lot and you'll survive much better. Resist based sets are fine on stalkers but not optimal, they can still be built to solo +4x8 content. I challenge the notion that because Rad Armor has high resists it is a resist based set, it is definitely a layered mitigation set and therefore you should rely on your heal/regen/absorb to do some of the work rather than relying on the passive toggled resists to do all the h
  6. There's three little dots in the upper right of the post on desktop site, you can select hide from that menu
  7. Here's a (expensive) savage/dark brute build to tide you over until you find something else you like better. Softcap S/L defense, good resists, enough recharge and procs in all the right places, endurance efficient. Built for musculature alpha / Ageless Radial destiny (or barrier if you prefer). This will do great in most content including exemplar if you buy your enhancements attuned from the AH (PVP IO's and purple IO's should not be attuned though so buy them normal, but you can +5 boost some of them if you want). You could switch the Blisterings in Vicious to Hecatombs if you just want mo
  8. It's purely a set mule, although there are benefits to running it (particularly when you're in a team) for the build up proc or fighting enemies with blind for the perception. There are plenty of ways to rebuild it without six slot tactics, I just preferred it over say, slotting more five-six piece winter IO's or something instead. The primary function of tactics isn't necessary with the accuracy already in the build and with soul drain, short of vs. debuffs (another use for it).
  9. I'm not running this combination right now (probably six months since I built DM/SD) but if I were going to rework the build from this thread it would probably look something like this, which you can reference to help your own build strategy. This is a more rounded / overall "tougher" build with some additional resistance. Endurance heavy like most shield builds until incarnate fix (ageless destiny or cardiac alpha will tend to fix all end problems, up to you which route you go, I tend to try musculature radial first and then decide if I want to switch, cardiac is actually really solid for thi
  10. Here's Mega Fist. She's very (all the way) tall, but I forgot to add anything to show scale nearby.
  11. Another red/black/white offering, one of my few villainy-villains, Seductress:
  12. This is my The Crow crossed with Nightwing kind of character, Avenge
  13. Posting a few of the characters I've been working on the last year or two, here's The Neon Dream
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