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  1. Worth what? They play fine, have fun, make some characters to fill your hundreds of available character slots. Or don't, that's cool too. There aren't any powersets in the game that are unplayable-bad, there's just good powersets and really good powersets. If all you want is really good powersets, then you're only going to have like, three options, but do whatever's fun for you, if you like those three options more than anything else.
  2. WM/Rad is very good on a Scrapper particularly. Rad Therapy has a 100% regen buff that other AT's don't get, so you're incentivized to fill it up with damage procs and fire it off every time it's up. Meltdown gives a higher damage buff, and Ground Zero with procs is really strong. War Mace's ability to slot several Force Feedback procs and +rech debuff aura in rad makes recharging your proc nukes fast, and Crowd Control remains a staple. Probably my favorite scrapper set combination currently. Crunchy good ST damage, big time AoE damage and highly survivable, pretty easy to get high resists
  3. FA always seems to work better on a Brute or Tanker. War Mace and most attack sets will probably perform better on a Scrapper. Brute seems like the right compromise to me, but a lot of that hinges on Brutes not having to deal with running mobs as much as Scrappers.
  4. I found adding a fully proc-slotted Suppressive Fire to the ST chain to really make a big difference, it's a heavy hitter. I don't think the narrow cone in Piercing Rounds is that great but I could be wrong, I'm not sure, I've never really put it to use much because of the animation time. I think Empty Clips is okay, it would probably be better with some range slotting but I never manage to find extra room for that, so I agree I could probably go without it too. I guess with enough FF proc slotting Empty Clips might be less useful in general.
  5. Compared to what? And functionally which powerset (if not both) is the culprit of this damage deficiency, and why?
  6. Might be one of the best synergies in the game at this stage. Time gives all of the buff/debuff you need so that you don't have to slot your blast powerset for set bonuses, which allows you to slot an abundance of procs, and Dual Pistols offers some of the heaviest proc slotting capacity of any blast set. It may perform better on a defender due to higher buff/debuff numbers, but it will still work very, very well on a corruptor. Search the defender forum specifically if you need build examples, they will build very similarly either way, the primary difference will be Corruptors will have a
  7. Shield is probably the right choice for a secondary to suit your interests since it has healthy DDR and AAO taunts. Be aware that before IO sets, shield doesn't perform that well compared to something like Super Reflexes defensively, so Shield blooms later or requires a lot of investment early for attuned sets and the like. When you do have IO sets though, Shield is pretty amazing, with layers like +HP/Res/Def/DDR/-Dam that really shine in mixed content. Percentages are going to depend on what you want in the end. I build every character to softcap defense of some kind (45% S/L/
  8. In almost all circumstances for the way I play, yes. I almost never use long-snipe on any character though in any meaningful way; it seems to actually slow down my DPS if I take the time to wait for slow snipe to be active and then wait for the full animation time, when I could be instead just rotating through my attacks again during that time. This essentially means I put zero value on slow-snipe, so Venomous Gas or any other positive value ability will take priority, for me, barring very special circumstances. There are good reasons to not use Venomous Gas, but for me, this isn'
  9. DDR is defense debuff resistance. It means when an enemy debuffs your defense, it will have less impact on you. It's a helpful stat vs. some of the more dangerous enemy types. +5 means using Enhancement Boosters (which you can buy from the AH, or find in Super Packs, or through I think merits). It allows you to increase the effectiveness of an enhancement by +1 level per booster used, up to +5. So a level 50 set enhancement with five boosters acts like a level 50+5. Alpha slots, when you get to higher tiers, ignore enhancement diversification values to some extent (
  10. Luckily, you can adjust the difficulty settings for your missions to your tastes. Not challenged enough? Increase the number of players and/or enemy level as needed. Or, you can just not slot SO's and you'll get a similar experience.
  11. No AT is useless in endgame. There are a few specific situations in very specific missions where a Tanker is particularly useful. I think what is closer to reality is, no AT is required in endgame for the most part. Every AT starts to function similarly with the addition of incarnate abilities and IO sets. Every AT can slot IO sets to get very high defenses, and every AT gets massive AoE damage and even mez protection. Tankers aren't special in this, all AT's start to look the same, all roles become muddy when everyone can do everything. Tankers are great fun, and e
  12. You have all the character slots, play each of them and figure out which you like best. It may not be the answer you want, but it's the best answer. Corruptor works out strong in theory because of damage caps by AT (corruptor cap is higher) and additionally scourge, if damage is your goal. If I had to pick an optimal AT to play Kinetics on, it'd be Corruptor for me. Defender gets powers earlier and has better secondary debuff values if you intend to do something like sonic or dark for blasting, etc. Controller has access to controller primary powers if that
  13. Sounds right, probably what I read, good information. Thanks for clearing that up.
  14. I would personally favor Ageless just for recharge, but in this case Barrier is great just because of Energy Aura's weaknesses. It's a tough call. I would just prioritize by your needs/wants really, if you want offense, get Ageless, if you want to be more defensively sturdy, Barrier. Don't forget you can eventually just get both and use whatever feels right, so there's no big problem with just trying one out now.
  15. Storm is rough on endurance, it's one of the few sets that still feel hard to keep up with for endurance, Storm even feels harsher than Dark Armor togglefest. Some notes, there are more endurance global IO's to look at. Three slotting health with Panacea: +Hitpoints/Endurance, Miracle Recovery, Numina's Regen/Recovery all add some more endurance management. It can get pricey though if you don't have a lot of inf, so if you can't afford them, look into using merits or selling merit-bought converters. It also requires two extra slots in health, so that's something to consider. I f
  16. Back in issue 3 (or maybe it was 4, can't recall) my bf at the time made an ill/kin controller so that I could play a Stone tanker. I remember herding what seemed like hundreds of ninjas in the chimera map, so many that the fx engine stopped working and they'd kinda jump into each other and disappear, although they were technically still there they just wouldn't render or something. The caltrops spam was funny. Simpler times, back then, the answer to the most unstoppable tanker. Though still needed a kin for efficiency, so maybe invuln was still the key back then. I hadn't playe
  17. I've played since issue 3. Not that it actually matters, you're just trying to weirdly assert dominance or something again. You have no authority here. You are attacking me, repeatedly, and your thinly-veiled condescension oozes out of every sentence you write. You tell me to take a deep breath. You have no authority here. You be concerned with your breath, not mine. If you want to tell me I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong, but stop acting like you're coming from some place of authority. You're not. You can troll as hard as you want, it still doesn't make you any kind of author
  18. Again, no evidence of that, you're projecting. You're just a player, like me, you have no additional insights into the dev teams on live or the direction of tanking in general. Things put in the game by the live team are more likely to be part of the plan than not. Please don't tell me what to get out of my head, I'm not your child, you have no authority here, you're just another player like me. You be concerned about what's in your head, not mine.
  19. Seems like something that's already covered somewhere else. I'm pretty happy with mez protection as it is, there seem like a lot of inroads to protection already, and everyone can get mez protection via incarnates eventually. I don't even think any tanker sets get mez protection at level 1 do they? You can only get it through P2W vendors that early.
  20. Still no reason to believe it was an action they took with little thought or as an afterthought. That seems like something you're projecting on it. I see no evidence of that, and your line of thought could be applied to literally any subject in the implemented game, if you disagree with any implementation.
  21. I also didn't say you said it was intentional or that it was a mistake. Huh? This is what I disagree with. See above.
  22. That seems like a bold assumption. They were serving a playerbase that was their paycheck. I don't think they did anything with 'little thought'. Just like the development team here, they're particularly careful with the things they enact (or take away). I think they deserve a little more credit. The semantics are so muddy now that it doesn't really matter. I'll repeat the thank you for the conversation, I feel like we've hit an impasse. Now let's see if the conversation drops, or if some more people argue about it, I don't really have anything left to offer.
  23. I can't either. Your way of tanking is the right way of tanking. I'm saying this directly, without any reservation. Can you say the same about mine? (EDIT: Just to clarify, I'm speaking in general here. Not you, not me. No personal direction here. But rather, tanks who use stealth and tanks who don't. That's what these two lines are about.) I think that's where the heat in this conversation comes from. The original devs thought that stealth had a purpose for tankers, they included it in the Dark Armor set when they proliferated it t
  24. I'm fine with the statement "This is a different playstyle" and I'll always accept that. That's my entire statement bundled up succinctly. That's the truth of the matter. If that's what you actually mean to say, I'm 100% behind you on it. I think we're even on the wrong page with "different way to play" because it isn't actually a different way to play for most; tankers with stealth act almost exactly the same as those without, they just have additional abilities to handle situations that don't require combat. We're probably in reality on the same page, just different paragraphs.
  25. I have never encountered a time like this, and like most of you, I've played this game a lot. I have also never seen a tank who is running Cloak of Darkness cause any problems in any team, ever. Dark Armor tankers are not that rare either. Only in a broad meta sense though. In practice these statements are essentially meaningless. Whatever perceived issues in these assessments just never happen in the game. Are all of these points coming from people who play Tankers with stealth and have had problems? Or are they coming from people who are only theorizing that an issue may
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