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  1. If the macro works, and you would rather use a key instead of a clicky, you can bind the desired key to execute the macro based upon its tray position. /bind NUMPAD3 "powexec_tray A B" where A=slot and B=tray where the macro is located. Slot 0 on your screen is actually slot 10 for the binding. GL!
  2. The anti fly of webnade works great for this.
  3. Not sure if you saw this thread or not. Lots of good advice and a few builds there. Good luck 👍
  4. Along these lines, I have a popmenu I made a few weeks ago that helps to find all of the exploration badges for the passive accolades. Pretty sure it has them all... Its fairly small, so doesn't have multiple submenus ad infinitum. I was able to get a flying carpet, and zip my level 2 around and get all of them in about 10 minutes, although I didn't time that run. I'd pop through the base, zone, and set the marker for that particular zone. Really easy. To install, put this file in your [game directory]/data/texts/english/menus folder. As I understand, if you are in a differen
  5. Yeah that part I understand. I'm talking like a mission map. I was able to map out my ship with a very low resolution shape by filling in squares, but it would be nice to have a better resolution image. I think the only way to do that would be client side a la vidiotmaps and install it individually. I don't think that would ever get any traction except maybe among supergroup members.
  6. Is there a way to create a map that others can use on our bases? Since I haven't seen any with anything other than the default block map I'm guessing not. I don't have any visibility on the mechanics of how it works, but I suspect we would have to do something along the lines of vidiotmaps and download the custom map. Might be worth it for supergroup members, which would be the group that least needs it... Ha
  7. Ya it does... it is truly a debuff beast but quickly burns through endurance without Soul Absorption. Popping that off before a big fight though really seems to do the trick. It's still a blast to play though.
  8. Wow @5099y_74c05... You obviously put a lot of time and energy into reviewing my build and responding to my post, so thank you very much! Your feedback is dead on as well. There were several choices I made that I wasn't crazy about but did it for the +rech. Slotting the heal for debuff... ya... I knew... [shrug] Your suggestions were awesome! Thanks again! Plas
  9. Lol... didn't realize it was that old
  10. Ill/Dark just sounded awesome, so I recently rolled one. First real /Dark/ anything. I know.... Player since '06 and still barely scratched the surface 😄 Here is the build I came up with, but haven't really tested it yet. Mids makes it seem pretty solid... Perma Hasten/PA/Fade. Good defenses in combination with good To Hit debuffs, and moderate resists for those hits that get thru when I pull agro with my fire attacks. Rune available more than 50% of the time, so I think this guy should be pretty hard to kill. I took /Fire as my epic. Probably will for my Judgem
  11. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1387;676;1352;HEX;| |78DA65D3594F13511407F03B4B41BA504A5B2996AD65E94687E5C547135008144C6| |5F1955418CA24B56DDA62EC93FA15D4E8471065511F3546C5E55BA8282E6F2E0FBE| |B88E87F99FB42436697F9D73EF39F7DC3B33B3174F3A7726AF9C10927B3C9729979| |7C60BA5D27AB15228D917F4E5B57C2157C856152144437A22393A72BC91FE066B73| |96E632F9ACBEA28DE999F34B73C66A4EF7D5C7C6D65757B58552A658168E74A190D| |326724676AD62B7FECF17757DC585F041D4C8673DD6D554FE825136CE1939A3520D| |9
  12. You can try placing a light and sinking it below the surface if you haven't done so. Sometimes a wall light or ceiling spot will illuminate nicely from underneath or behind.
  13. @Dacy's videos are phenomenal. Glad to see there will be more of them. Sorting out the particulars of editing bases can be a real grind if you are trying to start from ground zero. Personally, I have a toon exclusively for base editing, and have a bunch of macros set up so I don't have to cycle through everything. In the vein of helping people edit bases, maybe this will be of some use to someone as well. I set up keybinds for my NUMPAD... NUMPAD0 "powexec_tray 8 2" DECIMAL "powexec_tray 9 2" NUMPAD1 "powexec_tray 1 2" NUMPAD2 "powexec_tray 2 2"
  14. I regret that I have but one like to give to this post
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