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  1. @Dacy's videos are phenomenal. Glad to see there will be more of them. Sorting out the particulars of editing bases can be a real grind if you are trying to start from ground zero. Personally, I have a toon exclusively for base editing, and have a bunch of macros set up so I don't have to cycle through everything. In the vein of helping people edit bases, maybe this will be of some use to someone as well. I set up keybinds for my NUMPAD... NUMPAD0 "powexec_tray 8 2" DECIMAL "powexec_tray 9 2" NUMPAD1 "powexec_tray 1 2" NUMPAD2 "powexec_tray 2 2"
  2. I regret that I have but one like to give to this post
  3. I have this base about finished now... Still some fleshing out to do but it's presentable. It is my take on a space ship. It's supposed to be a nuclear guided missile destroyer patrolling the solar system on a seek and destroy/attack intercept mission after the Rikti invasion. I recently posted it on the Show Off thread if you you have any interest. It's relatively small and easy to navigate. Under 3500 pieces so far. In any case love to have you stop by and take a look. To really appreciate it you should fly around outside (/vis_scale 10). The airlock is south
  4. Surveillance Imagery: View of Flight Deck, Port Missile Battery, Twin Pulse Cannons, and quad antimatter propulsion drives. The Bridge and Nexus visible through the windows. As I have said before, nothing says safety and security in space like glass.
  5. The wardrobe looks fantastic, but I especially love the creativity in the path to Narnia. Fantastic.
  6. Best to set /vis_scale 10 to go outside... otherwise, it will be transparent. Also...Best to look on Excelsior. 😛
  7. Well, its still a WIP, but I suppose its decent enough to go public... Designation: DDGN-2015 Name: SGS Archangel Mission: Orbital and inner solar system patrol as early warning, deterrent, and attack intercept from extra-terrestrial threats. Weapon release authority granted. History: After the Rikti Invasion, the United Nations authorized private contracting Super Groups to intervene to provide and maintain planetary security. The SGS Archangel was contracted for that purpose. Responsible Authority: Armored Saints Access Code: SAINTS-15367
  8. Well, I downloaded the new Mids and put it in, it looked wonky, like insane recharge, but I think I just was unfamiliar with the new interface. In any case, I rebuilt him from scratch and here it is. Gymnastics/Oil Slick didn't change much. Still really hardy. Didn't do any incarnate planning, but I'm leaning toward Musculature and Assault because...moar damage is always MOAR! | Copy & Paste this data into Mids Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1372;638;1276;HEX;| |78DA4D944953135114855F2
  9. Here is a build I use and love. It seem pretty internally consistent, like no magic, etc... This is off a little bit with changes, not the newest version of Mids, doesn't have Oil Slick...but still pretty rugged. and should serve as a good starting point. Aim/Upshot before attacks, and then the aoes, sometimes getting off more than one of explosive arrow before it times out. Quick recharge so its pretty much all back up for every mob. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build | |-----------------------------------------------------------
  10. Leveling my namesake toon to 50. 14 years later... Level 42. Play an epic AT past level 5. Complete any Shadow Shard TF. Play a scrapper beyond level 10.
  11. I don't know if its been mentioned, but the shivan meteror sky, with the earth in the background, would be awesome.
  12. Not sure if you solved this yet, but to select an NPC do the following... Not my solution, but it works really well. 1. Zoom in close over the npc you want to select. 2. Select anything like you are going to place it. It doesn't matter what it is. You aren't going to place it. 3. Mouse over the npc. 4. Tab until you see the name of your npc. It works best the fewer items you have in line of sight. 5. Once the npc is in your item window, use your left alt button like you are going to rotate it. This changes the item to the npc. (This might not be necessar
  13. It actually was pretty easy... I thought it would be, but when I moused the beacon over the shard, the shard's box glowed yellow so I placed and sunk it. I was placing them directly on the shard, so I think the beacon had no problem recognizing the attachment. Only problem I had was between my ears... I tried to check them all, but my hero alignment wouldn't allow me to look at the villain destinations, so I thought they weren't right, despite them showing in the attachments.. Deleted,, redid it, same thing... SMH Also, have to give credit to @Dacy, this is kin
  14. Here was what I came up with... This was before I added the other room details but you can stand in one spot and access everything.
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