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  1. I third this. I legit skip trip mine and time bomb/detonator on any /traps, because its just not a great power at all.
  2. Ah, the run-time processing, vs having a compiler clean it up makes the difference. From my understanding, compilers (and really any regular language parser) uses a stack, so I was looking at it through that lens. But you're right, doing the evaluating at run-time is much faster, assuming you don't get stuck in recursive loops (i/e, POP something that PUSHES the same something onto the stack, which POPs, then PUSHES the same thing so you never actually change states)
  3. But if you can short circuit it, you can cut all of the other calls out, and exit early. For example, if char(level) = 35, the code would evaluate 35 == 50, return false, see the && and then just exit (because && returns true iff both sides are true, so having one side, that is easy to evaluate return false, you can ignore everything else) From what you described of RPN, even if char(level) = 35, you would still have to evaluate everything else before exiting the stack. Even though the answer will still be false after you're done (due to the && operator)
  4. But you still have to wait for the stack to clear before you can get your result, so you're stuck right? can't really short circuit a stack, unless you have 'Ignore everything under me' calls I guess. The PUSH and POP functions make it O(1) so that's pretty neat once all the evaluations are done. Just gotta get through all the evaluations.
  5. Huh, RPN seems very processor intensive, as it doesn't seem like you can short circuit it. But that's neat, and I appreciate you breaking down the calls that way for us.
  6. This is the one I would play.
  7. so.. something like this? Evaluator: if (badge == true) { reward(badge); } and reward(Obj Badge) { Grant_Reward(Badge); } Repeat?
  8. I could see reducing the Granite Armor fx, but removing it completely seems odd. I definitely want to have other options to color it, like be lava, or coralax, or a quartz crystal.
  9. Psst... Spirit ward might do you better than provoke.. just saying 😉
  10. I think making the equips/upgrades untargetable PBAoEs will help a lot here, as while you can't directly affect the pets when they spawn, they can still be affected by things, including your own other buffs (Triage Beacon hits my robots right away, even if they aren't spawned yet) so the untargeted PBAoE will upgrade them even if they are in a spawning state.
  11. Something about indecent exposure comes to mind. And M rated games.
  12. Traps is very 'fire and forget' with very few powers that you want to hold onto. It can be a very busy set with high recharge, but it can also be a very slow set, as the base recharge numbers are pretty high. Having said that, Acid Mortar, and Poison trap don't have any interrupts, and are great toe bombing powers. Both provide massive debuffs, and the Poison trap even has pretty nice Control aspects to it. The vomit animation is worth it just in itself really.
  13. Masterminds can take a hit, there is no doubt about that. The other nice thing about Masterminds, is that the pets ignore the aggro caps. This was done so that the pets were still useful in itrials, but the result is that pets can aggro basically an unlimited number of mobs. They themselves can't take a hit, but a skilled Mastermind can control and herd mobs around to basically 'tank' much more then a Brute or Tanker can, by sheer fact that they, mostly their their pets, can direct aggro away from other ATs.
  14. Umm.. Which is kinda the same things right?
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