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  1. The prestige pets can be buffed, and benefit from the Pet Auras. I'd love for them to be able to take more than a single hit, but as their bonus is basically 'free' I understand why they aren't durable at all.
  2. While I don't remember the LGTF being 45+ on live (I remember it being 35+ like the ITF, and just running with a bunch of 50s, so everyone was 49+ due to super sidekicking) if the Weakened Hami is indeed spawning at level 50 regardless of the level of the leader, than the LGTF needs to be looked at, as even at level 45 having a +5 Weakened Hami would be really hard to take down. Roleplay or not, unless its a specific Task Force (think the LRSF or the MsLib one, which specifically says its tough) the AVs/EBs should always scale down.
  3. In before lock. Also, I wanna play that elf. I think it'll be fun. What power sets do you think it'll have? Ill/cold?
  4. I do wish the LFG Queue would auto-kick you from the queue if you got a team invite. There are times I just wanna sit in the queue for a specific TF, but run my own missions for awhile, and then I decide 'oh wait, I wanna team now' and have to de-queue to even accept the invite. Getting some kind of 'You can't team with others while in the queue.' or a 'X person sent you a team invite, do you want to accept and remove yourself from the LFG queue' popup would be amazing, like the collaboration mission completion popup. And it'll it so you don't have to explain anything, the popup do
  5. Also Area of Effect (Pyronic is a 'targeted AOE' Ion is a chain power for example)
  6. Huh, for some reason I thought MaxHP handled heals, and damage scales, but maybe I wasn't thinking of the right thing.
  7. does -maxhp affect it? say, from the degenerative interface?
  8. I donno man, having main'ed a bots/traps MM, I get the shaft on the "holy trinity" concept often, but I'm not really Damage, I'm not really a Tank, and I'm definitely not "healz". But, my build can legit solo +4/x8 ITFs, so having a team is more a 'Oh, I guess you guys get rewards too...'
  9. Doesn't he actually scale all the way up to 50? I'm pretty sure he's introduced early, but can be done all the way up to level 50.. Maybe he should be introduced later? Or does he gives access to the midnighters club, so you need to do him sooner to get access to the O-portal and cimcity?
  10. Chances are the calls are O(1) so its not that big of a deal. If its a simple "If here, flip switch, if not, skip" call its not really doing a lot of CPU usage.
  11. I think the Clear Mind buff that the healers pass out has +perception.. so if they happened to buff each other, you might've gotten seen because of that. Either that, or the Shout buff they have.
  12. I'm not sure we're playing the same set if you think that /traps isn't good against the AVs themselves.. /Traps has the most powerful -regen power in the game. Its twice as effective as /rads (Lingering Radiation is only -500% regen), and lasts 10 seconds longer, if you can keep the AV in the cloud, which web grenade lets you do, as AVs don't have much resistance to immobilize. -1000% regen means that even with AV resistance, you are going to floor their regen, with 1 power. Then Acid Mortar stacks if you have multiple out. So the more you have, the more you can multiply the debuffs, and the M
  13. As pets don't have any inherent endmod powers (they don't get Stamina, like we do) I'm not sure adding endmod will actually do anything to them at all.
  14. I'm curious about this, as the Gaussin's BU proc has a really high chance of proccing, due to how Tactics works, increasing the proc chance for EACH target of tactics, so its up pretty often.
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