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  1. Thanks Cap! I rolled your E3 Sentinel a while back, and it is still one of my favorites. I'll probably make all 3 on test and just see how they play. @KaoticKarl's mention of Fire/Elec has definitely piqued up my interest as well. I've been interested in the idea of "blapping" and (being a Tanker main) having some soft control powers with KD might be a comfort to me haha.
  2. One bonus for /Temp is the fact that it provides -regen for fighting AV's/GM's. Do /elec or /Eng provide anything like that? Or does their damage just blow right past an AV's regen rate?
  3. Nice man! I was looking at Fire/Elec as well for a more "blapper" type of build. What's the main reason you love Fire/Energy above all else?
  4. I have heard good things about Fire/Elec as well. I hear that Fire/Temp might be more of a Hover or "at range" Blaster, while Fire/Elec is much more in your face blapper style.
  5. Thanks Tidge! Super helpful. That build list will give me a really good base to start with. I'm definitely looking at the pets as a nice "bonus" for my Crab, and want to focus on just being a force multiplier for my team, do decent damage and be decently tanky. Would be nice to have a hero that could fit into most content relatively easy!
  6. I appreciate this Gulbasaur, thank you!!! Definitely will look into this other post. I HAVE heard that you really have to invest in SoA builds to make them shine, but I'm sure it'll be a fun project 😛
  7. Hi all! I’m a historical Tanker player who hasn’t rolled a VEAT before. Taking a look around, it seems that a Crabbermind might fight my play style. I team 99% of the time, and I hear they are great for that, as well as pretty tanky with some good support/control powers. Am I correct in these statements, or am I barking up the wrong tree when it comes to Crabberminds? 😂 Definitely interested in builds if anyone has any that they want to share, or just general tips and tricks!
  8. Does anyone have a build for this particular build they’d be willing to share? Settled on this combo for my first blaster, would love a base to build from!
  9. Nice man! I just rolled a WP tanker myself, since I never had one. Dinged 50 last week and it’s been a blast. I paired it with Street Justice due to thematic reasons, but it has been great! Highly recommend. Honestly, since WP is so “set and forget”, it would probably pair well with any of the secondaries that have a “combo” type of system, like Street Justice. Dual Blades and Staff Fighting could mix well. Staff in particular has forced redraw, so with a set like WP where you don’t have to click any defensive powers, it becomes a non-issue. Plus, since WP has such great end manage
  10. I have to add another to this list! Willpower/Street Justice. I designed this hero as a homage to All Might from My Hero Academia. It definitely has that feel. Street Justice's AOEs are pretty good on a tanker, and I love the feeling of Willpower being stronger the more the odds are stacked against you! YMMV, considering Willpower is very much a set and forget set, but the combo/character concept is just a ton of fun for me!
  11. @Sovera’s Fire/Ice Tanker is a hoot, and it’s probably only going to get better after the Ice Patch buff’s land on live.
  12. I have such a love/hate relationship with the Blood Thirst animation. On one hand, it’s so cool and really RAGE like. On the other, it takes fooooorrrreeeeeevvvveeerrrr to animate.
  13. Nice man! Which of the secondaries are you pairing with it?
  14. Nice man, seems like a cool combo. I know a lot do Shield/StJ, but I could see MA being really good with the added defense.
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