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  1. I also just found your build, so no worries! Although I’m still interested in how the flow between TA/DP is compared to TA/Arrow.
  2. You mind sharing your build? How does TA/DP feel as far as flow? Is it jarring moving between weapons?
  3. I just wanted to hop back in this thread and said thanks to everyone for all their insight and advice. I decided to roll an Elec/Storm, mostly for a thematic reasons. Into the 30's now and having a great time! Definitely a combo/archetype I feel will really shine once I get proper sets in it. Hearing from everyone here though has me wanting to roll 5 more controllers 😂
  4. This is super well thought out and informative. I went with Elec/Storm mostly for them, but now you have me wanting to try more combos out!
  5. This is a pretty good sell man =P I appreciate you writing this up. A Geo Storm type character is a cool concept.
  6. Grav/Storm is a classic pairing I hear! So many good options. Thanks for the insight man. I’ve heard that about Elec/Storm. Some tell me they just drop the sleep at their feet as a way to mitigate baddies when they run at them, but I agree that you’re kind of pigeon-holing yourself into only using it that one way.
  7. This is a wealth of info, thanks so much man, appreciate it.
  8. Hi Heroes! I’ve historically been a melee archetype player, but want to try my hand at my first controller! I’ve settled on doing a /Storm controller, but I’m a little torn as to which primary to pair it with. The ones that have caught my eye are Elec/Storm, Earth/Storm or Dark/Storm. Do any one have any recommendations with any of these pairings? Or do any of you have a particularly cool/powerful combo with /Storm that you would like to recommend? Thanks in advance!
  9. Appreciate it man, my search fu kills are lacking.
  10. Due to the recharge changes, has the ST or AOE attack order changed at all? Or still the standard?
  11. Haha you made me “lol” my friend 😂
  12. Hi all! A buddy of mine has been running a TW/Fire Brute, and it’s pretty awesome! I haven’t built a scrapper yet on Homecoming, so I thought I’d roll one =] Was looking at TW/Bio, since it seems like a good, strong combo. However, I noticed in i27 that they made some changes to TW. Apparently passive damage was removed, but some CD’s on skills we lowered. Also, they changed the redraw on it to be more in line with Katana’s. My question is, how is TW/Bio on scrappers after these changes? Have they had a negative impact, or is it still top tier? Thanks all!
  13. So I’m running a couple Stalkers right now, one of which being a Staff/Bio. I can’t find a build for one anywhere! Does anyone have any experience with the combo, or a build they could share? Thanks!
  14. This is great, thanks dude. Sounds like I can’t really go wrong 😂
  15. This is super helpful thanks. I’ve read a ton that DB’s is clunky with a Stalker, so it’s great that you de-bunked that for me! Perhaps I run a DB/EA and EM/EA haha. Kind of fill different holes.
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