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  1. We’ve missed ya Inf, and grats on the new career!
  2. Oh no worries dude, I just wasn’t sure! I haven’t rolled an SR yet, will have to give it a shot in the near future!
  3. Loving this thread! Excuse my ignorance though: what is SB?
  4. These are great insights, thanks all! Are there any primaries you’d recommend to go with Electric Armor on a Brute? I know Claws/Electric is a classic.
  5. Very good point as well. I was just wondering why these things seem to make it shine on a Brute over say, a Tanker? I guess the fact that some of the resist sets you might have trouble capping on a Brute, without giving up too much damage. Might not be the case with Electric Armor!
  6. StriderIV

    Electric Armor

    I keep hearing that Electric Armor really shines on Brutes. Can someone share the reasoning for me? I was looking at it, and my guess is that it can hit it’s resist caps fairly easily (even on a Brute). Which I guess means you get some serious tankyness, while also maintaining the potential larger damage a Brute can dish out?
  7. Haha 😂 honestly so true, Time/DP seems to be a very popular combo!!! Rightfully so, it seems. I’m hoping to level 2 Defenders up just so I can compare play styles. Torn between TA/Archery and Storm/Water for my second one. Probably leaning a little more towards Storm/Water.
  8. The Defender I started was Time/DP, mostly for thematic reasons. This thread has been SUPER help though, so I'm looking forward to running a Storm/ and a TA/ Defender in the future!
  9. This made me lol! Storm does seem like a hoot. I'm thinking of pairing it with either Dark or Water myself when I roll one. Looking forward to it.
  10. I think I remember seeing this in the Tank God threads when it devolved into the ITF thread! 😂 This is pretty insane! Storm looks like a lot of fun. I was thinking of either Water or Dark Blast. Would you recommend one over the other?
  11. EA does seem pretty cool. Seems like a SUPER active primary though haha
  12. True, probably makes it a very “set up and than knock it out of the park” type of feeling with TA haha. QQ: you mentioned 3 primaries had Mez protection. Which ones would those be?
  13. This is extremely helpful Ank, thank you so much! Only issue now is, you've made me want to do a couple defenders 😂 I think Time/DP might be a cool combo. I've looked at Trick Arrow/DP, but I'm wondering if the redraw between the 2 sets would drive me nuts haha.
  14. Hi heroes! Going to pull the trigger on my first Defender. I'm a historical Tanker/Scrapper player, so I'm looking forward to playing something a bit more supportive. I've always enjoyed teaming, so I feel a Defender shines there. That being said, I'd also love to having something that can solo well and deal with AV's/tough enemies. Some combos I was looking at: Storm/Water or Dark Blast: Storm I hear shines on a Defender. Pairing it with either Water or Dark Blast for a heal seems like it could be nice! Trick Arrow/Dual Pistols: Sounds sweet, bu
  15. Have your Fortunata Blood Widow build to 29 so far and having a lot of fun. Such a great mix of melee and range. I think it'd fair pretty well on these trapdoor tests. Feels like a Scrap-troller haha.
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