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  1. HOW lol. Wow they is amazing.
  2. Appreciate you running those numbers man!
  3. Great call out on Shield Charge being a pseudopet. I was away of that, but it totally skipped my mind tha it adjusts the activate period.
  4. Great point! I wasn't sure if it just "added" to the Knockdown effect or not. Armageddon does seem like a good option. I currently has Superior Might of the Tanker in Atom Smasher for Rad Melee. Perhaps I could find a new spot for that and drop Avalanche in there to add a KD effect to that power.
  5. Wonderful! I just moved over to Excelsior from Reunion the other week =] it Voltak is your username, I’ll shoot you a friend request in case you ever do it again!
  6. Hi all! Working on my Shield/Rad Tanker, and I was curious: do any of you usually place a Force Feedback +chance for recharge into it? I’m trying to decide if I should fully 6 slot an Avalanche/Armageddon set in it, or if it would be more of a benefit to have a Force Feedback take up one a slot. Thanks!
  7. Nice, which server? I have a Water/Cold Corruptor that would love to join =P
  8. EM/Bio honestly might be the premiere choice right now if they main thing you want to do is blow an AV up.
  9. Nice! Videos of your builds? Have them on YT or something, or just here on the forums?
  10. Congrats man, that is awesome to hear. I haven’t ran a Dom yet, was torn between Sav/Dark and Dark/Dark. I think you may have swayed me to Dark/Dark =P if you have any advice or build I could use as a basis, it’d be appreciated!
  11. Dark/Dark sounds amazing now haha. Is Dark/Dark what you used for. your recent ITF run?
  12. StriderIV


    +1 to this. My DA/Staff tanker is probably my most played hero. Unkillable and an aggro machine.
  13. Can +1 this build. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed. @nihiliiShield/Rad Tanker is also a one man army.
  14. StriderIV


    +1 to this. It’s actually one of the reasons I really like Staff on Tankers. My DA/Staff Tanker is one of my most played heroes, and his whole point of existing is to just hold aggro and never die, which this combo does just fine.
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