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  1. Hey guys just wondering if there is any word on when Incarnate Trials might be added, someone told me they werent in the game ywt and BAFS used to be so freakin fun, has there been any news on this front?
  2. I played villains on Triumph from release of CoV til like 2009, I loved the people but the server was dead compared to freedom so eventually i moved all my characters to Freedom. The crazy thing was alot of the IO recipes and enh were crazy cheap on triumph compared to Freedom where people inflated prices cuz more people would buy then at those prices so i bought a bunch of Luck of The Gamblers and sold the. For many times what i paid when i transferred to freedom xD
  3. My brother shared one, he told me he used to invite fillers for villain farming, all the fillers were in mercy island and low lvl, they assumed they were being farmed and would say thanks and start heading to Recluses Victory, he would run through the mission to set mobs then kick them all without saying a word! I Eveen i thought that was a douche move xD
  4. Wow there are alot of really funny stories haha glad everyone is sharing! Got another one to share, one time a lowbie made me mad (cant remember why) but he was in Hollows doing the Hunt Outcast and Hunt Trolls missions, so i followed him and was destroyong the mobs before he could kill them, he got so angry he was cussing me out and said he was reporting me and i responded "For killing mobs?" And he got more mad then logged off xD
  5. Was talking to others about a-hole moves we did when people made us angry and thought it would be funny to share experiences you did or had done to you that were douche moves but funny. I had quite a few (I was a teenager after all) but one that comes to mind is on Champion the leader of my ex supergroup who kicked me out put together a Hamidon raid, there were atleast 50+ people gathered and me and my cousin sat in on the raid in disguise. When they got about halfway through the fight We pulled Giant Monsters into the healers, then called out this other guy who was a total douche to me a
  6. When I first hit 50 on my Scrapper. I was a Claws/Dark Melee Scrapper, after they nerfed claws in like i2 I think Claws/Dark really sucked. I played a lot of alts so it took forever to level, I thought 50s were like...the real heroes. I saw them with their amazing powers, the Controllers with armor tripped be out, even if it really didn't do too much it looked crazy! When I got 50 I went to atlas to do my lvl at Ms. Liberty, I did it and the messages FLOODED with people congratulating me, I had in game friends messaging me and I remember just how awesome it felt to have people around me for th
  7. Wow where to start... When I was 15 I started playing City of heroes, I am 29 now. I had just seen the Incredibles in theaters and was at the store and saw this pc game in a box, I had to beg my dad to get it, then give up 1 of my 2 monthly allowances to pay for the subscription From the moment I logged on I could not play enough. I had never played an online game before, my PC could barely play games and I had to use my little bit of savings to buy a new graphics card as my internal couldn't play it. For 8 years I played this game, I made friends online that I felt closer to th
  8. Not only that but if you haven't logged in yet you are in for a treat. 1 New class and a lot of new powers added since the game closed.
  9. Ex was up for a minute but it went down. You can see the struggle between man and program.
  10. Only issue I see here is if player base got split...they might be having issues but I would hate for this amazing community to be split as I dunno how population will sustain. Tho it is good to have backups incase the big bad wolf comes knocking.
  11. Thank you so much for putting in all this work for us, you made a 29 year old man cry tears of joy today, if you find a way to monetize, patreon or anything ill support as much as I can. We greatly appreciate the hard work man.
  12. Dude I lost all my old IO builds as them and my screenshots were on a pc that bit the dust. Very interested to see the new metas when people get IO'd out, are incarnate abilities in??
  13. I can tell they are trying, they probably didn't expect this many people wanting to play a 15 year old game that was shut down 7 years ago. This game however is and always will be my true gaming home, thank you whoever runs this server keep up the great work and tell me how I can give you money to keep this shit up.
  14. Its gonna take work, im just thankful they are still trying to get it working haha this has been an all night thing, THANK YOU whoever is running the server you don't know how great you have made us all feel the last couple days
  15. Hopefully someone is awake working on the server, I mean it is free for now so they might just wait til morning. Happy either way as I missed this game for 7 long ass years XD
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