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  1. Again, thanks to everybody for their feedback. I decided to keep rolling with Mud Pots for a while and I'm starting to warm up to it. Still not really seeing the benefits of it aggro wise but the chip damage is quite nice. My Brute's 50 now and I've got everything I want in terms of powers so I'll probably grab Taunt for the 49 pick. It may not be necessary for the AT but it's still something I prefer to have for those moments when I need to off-tank, which I find myself doing a decent bit (Probably a /Stone thing).
  2. You'll get no arguments from me on this. I came back to Homecoming after spending some time in WoW and if there's one thing I miss (Other than functional PvP) it's the robustness of their macro system. Just having the option to implement conditional triggers for combat, stealth, forms, etc. opens up so many more possibilities for streamlining the way a character plays.
  3. My gut reaction? I don't hate it. There's definitely a certain amount of work that goes into playing a TriForm Kheld. For those of us who are veterans from the live days it's all pretty trivial but I can see how it's daunting for players who've never run a PB or WS before. Honestly, that's probably part of the reason a lot of people seem to prefer Human-only or BiForm builds. That being said, it's likely a significant technical hurdle. Considering the small size and all volunteer nature of the Homecoming team, I'm not sure it's particularly feasible. On top of tha
  4. Thanks for your feedback, guys. After playing with Mud Pots for a while (Currently lvl 45), I gotta say...I don't like it 😅 Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it just seems like it doesn't really do much. The damage ticks are slow and since it's a passive effect I don't have the ability to redirect aggro on demand when I need to. On top of that, it's pretty heavy on End usage despite having a decent amount of Recovery in my build. I've yet to try running it now that I've got Physical Perfection slotted up but so far I think I'd rather have Taunt.
  5. In practice? Nothing. As @expeditor mentioned, forms have a Recovery bonus to offset their End cost so slotting them for EndRed or EndMod isn't really worth doing. Personally, I always slot Nova with a Rectified Reticle: +Perception. Makes fighting Arachnos and the occasional KoA a lot easier.
  6. So I've recently rolled a Savage/Stone Brute that I really enjoy. Problem is, I can't fit both Taunt and Mud Pots in my build without dropping something else that I really want. If I was going for something optimal I'd just get both but as it stands I need to choose. I never really got into Brutes back on live but I remember there was some debate about whether Taunt was worth taking. Some argued that you needed it to effectively tank for teams but others leaned into the DPS side of the AT and argued it was a waste. So I come to you, the Sultans of SMASH, for an an
  7. @Xiddo You don't need me for that. Back on live, Dechs Kaison wrote the definitive guide to Warshades. It's dated now, of course, but it still holds up. I give you, The MFing Warshade! I might do a Warshades guide in the future since several things have changed (I'm currently in the middle of another CoX project that I hope to be finishing soon). The core gameplay is the same though. Buff yourself by draining enemies, do damage, repeat. Let me know if you have any questions 😁
  8. @Dahkness Khelds were never really intended for new players. I think I mentioned somewhere in my guide that both they and SoAs were originally gated behind the level cap. IMO, that was a good thing. Admittedly, the Devs seem to have understood that Kheld mechanics were perhaps a bit much for their player base and didn't go the same route with VEATs. Outside of my personal opinion, it's pretty common across MMORPGs that shapeshifting classes (And hybrid classes in general) are more complex and require more effort than specialized ones to play well. You can perform decently in "
  9. @Xiddo Glad it helped you out. Go forth and sling the light, my friend! 😁 @Ohsirus With respect, I disagree. While it's true that Warshades have a higher performance ceiling, they also have a lower floor. You can be sailing along just fine as long as you've got fuel for all the buffs but if something goes wrong or that fuel runs out, there isn't much you can do about it. You've gone from dark demigod to meh shadowboi through no real fault of your own. If that works for some people, great, but I prefer the stability of a PB. I like knowing that when I need something it's gonna
  10. Never felt any need for them, TBH. Once you've got access to Dwarf, mezz is pretty trivial unless you're slow to recognize it's on you and don't shift in time. Black Dwarf in particular can be a solid offensive tool when slotted properly. That being said, Warshades have to shift a lot more frequently than PBs so I can see why you'd want it. As others have said, the P2W temp power is probably your best bet if you're going TriForm. You won't be able to keep Acrobatics toggled on for long before you need to shift forms again. Human-only is a different story, of course.
  11. Chiming back in to say this is incorrect. Quantum and Void enemies can be a pain, especially before you have access to Dwarf form, but they're nowhere near as dangerous as this. PBs and WS both have ways to deal with them effectively. For PBs, that's some combo of KB and damage. On a WS, you can Hold or Stun them before applying...well, damage. If you get caught off guard (Which you shouldn't because you have a bind that specifically targets them) just Dwarf up and go for the kill. Once you get the Tier 9 from the secondaries, they become completely trivial. It's
  12. Seconding what Doomrider said. The biggest threat to PBs is -Recharge debuffs as they kill your main survivability mechanic, the low cooldown heals. Psi damage can be a problem but you should have enough damage to deal with any potent Psi-based enemies before they become a real issue. I exemp a lot too and I've always found Dwarf to be enough to get by when I'm locked out of Light Form so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  13. Welcome to the fold! 😄 I'm an old hand when it comes to Khelds. My main on live was a PB (That I recreated here on Homecoming) and my namesake is a WS. I've logged a lot of hours playing both ATs and I've built several variants. I even wrote a Peacebringer guide (Check my signature). As others have said, the main difference between the two HEATs (Hero Epic ATs) is their playstyle. PBs are self-contained, meaning the effectiveness of their powers doesn't vary based on environmental conditions. WS, OTOH, are dependent on having enemies (Alive or dead) around in order
  14. So I'm looking to build a Stalker but I've got a few questions. I'm hoping those of you who've mastered the shadows (😎) can help me out. My experience with Stalkers is pretty limited. I took an Elec/Nin up to 50 way back in the day but I haven't really messed with the AT since. I definitely wanna do Kinetic as my primary but I'm torn between Ninjitsu and SR. From what I understand, SR's big advantages are the scaling Resist and better DDR whereas Nin has a few more tools with its heal and Blinding Powder. I'm not looking to solo any AVs or get crazy pylon times. I just want
  15. Absolutely. Dealing with Quants and Voids is all about remembering that a good offense is the best defense. Very interesting. My only concern is the maxed out Unbreakable Guard. I exemp pretty frequently so I like to be sure my IOs are functional down to the lowest possible level.
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