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  1. Confirming what Arna posted. It was the Self-Teleport target a location power.
  2. My son had the same problem post-patch this afternoon. We solved it by having him log out completely of the game and log back in. It cleared up after that. Of note: it only happened AFTER he selected Teleport as a new power while leveling up post-patch. Characters with an existing teleport power that we tried did not have this issue.
  3. Hi, all. My son logged out of a character last night after gaining a few levels and had not visited a trainer to actually level up. This afternoon, after the update, he logged in and immediately went to War Witch to level up. When leveling up, it would only progress him through the odd-numbered levels. He was not able to pick any new powers, but it allowed him to add enhancement slots. For example, he leveled to 5, got slots, talked to War Witch. .. and was immediately taken to leveling up for level 7. . .skipping level 6 level up all together. So basically, he ended up with a c
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