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  1. Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback/advice/opinions
  2. Thanks for the replies and sorry for any confusion. Flat Line summed up my thoughts better than I. I want to have a main I can hunt badges with, whether I need a group or a solo run. I wasn't sure if builds could be significantly different to offer an advantage depending on the circumstance, so a strong solo build that might do less damage than a group build. It sounds like the right build works well enough everywhere. Cost isn't an issue, not because I am rich, but because an expensive build is something to work towards, even if it takes months to get there,
  3. Hi everyone, I have a question about the active builds swappable in game. As I get near completing what feels like a decent Psi/MM/Fire Blaster build I am wondering if I just start thinking about specific builds based on what I plan on doing. For example: Is it worth having a build focused fully on damage at the cost of some survivability when grouping? What about a build more focused on solo or doing flashbacks. Is this something people find useful and are there target stats based on the mission, solo/group/flash back? Finally should the flashback build attun
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