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  1. The text short description and description needs to be updated, then. I know that fly doesn't anymore (and the text reflects that).
  2. With the proliferation of various temp powers, etc. that grant flight, Group Fly is likely vying for worst power pick in the game. I suggest removing the -tohit from it and improving the flight handling - shifting it's role from an unnecessary travel power option to a more useful in-combat power. A boost in speed for targets that aren't the person using it would also be nice, since as it stands the person who does the flying tends to outpace their allies.
  3. Adding my voice to the 'no change, please' chorus. Hurricane is a really fun power. I'd hate to see it change.
  4. Have the four basic travel powers (flight, superjump, superspeed, teleport) automatically available for everyone at level 4, in a new inherent power pool. Not the entire pools, just those four specific travel powers. Why? As CoH has been trending towards more P2W travel powers and other unlockable travel powers, it becomes progressively more viable to have a build that doesn't need a pool travel power. You can fly on a magic carpet, or use a jetpack, or whatever else. Furthermore, requests for even more vehicles or similar travel-related powers are extremely common
  5. What about having one of the primaries able to do double duty as a taunt? Or if the taunt didn't kick in until you had a minimum number of minions - but I'm not sure how well that would function for a lower level MM.
  6. Add a taunt to all Mastermind primary power pool attacks that starts at a base of 0 magnitude, but then scales up based on the number of minions who are within superiority range and set to defensive/follow. This can use the same code path to calculate validity as the existing health sharing check that already exists for masterminds. Reasoning When MMs were first introduced, they were touted as the villain tank-alternative. However, Brutes very quickly took that spot for a number of reasons - ease of use in the role, defensive secondary, and the fact that their core
  7. I'm leery of adding vehicles, in part because of what happened with vehicle proliferation in CO. Here's my overall concerns on travel powers - which is mainly posted as food for thought to whomever is thinking about the overall player experience of travel. Vehicles vs Powers - Which Is Best For The Game? Adding vehicles (and temp travel powers) all undermine the value of travel powers. It might be that ship already sailed the moment the jump pack was introduced, but all of this pushes travel powers to the sidelines. To ask a related question: does the CoH player ex
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