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  1. Thats it. I know there are some mods with some more generic sounds, instead the awful horrible sounds, specially for a female sonic blaster. I wish the HC team would change them for females but I just need to have the sounds either removed or changed. Anyone can help me? Thanks in advance.
  2. I really hope we get new hairstyles, faces and costume pieces. Even if they are existing pieces from NPCs. Weapons for backpacks, like Tsoo having dual katanas, or shields, axes, staffs, swords and so on. I think after some time I'm having serious need of more costume pieces and options, specially hairstyles. There are tons of existing pieces, even if they are iconic from NPCs, it would be awesome.
  3. I know I want to roll out this character, tematically some kind of greek / amazon warrior with shield,someone who fights hand to hand and no weapons besides the shield. But I don't know what archetype can benefit the most for this combo, so please I would welcome some advice. Martial arts / shield defense could be another option but it is better than street justice? It could fit under that theme? Thanks in advance!
  4. Updates to character customization: New style sets, new HD faces, hairstyles, costume pieces... Addition of NPCs already existing costume pieces and hairstyles for starters if that is easier. More options for colors in the palette. Specially in the skin section. Weapon holsters options as back pack, like dual katanas, shields, bows, swords, axes and so on. Even the options to show the same weapon selected and redraw it in the back when not in use, like some fantasy mmo. New arcs, task forces, new content in general. Facelift and updates to existing old cities. Conten
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