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  1. Leo is correct. I want proliferation where it fits the AT. I read through the Captain Powerhouse comments and I disagree with EA too strong for tanks. For a simple comparison, look at Ice Armor and Super Reflexes. Shield can beat it with just 3 powers, how does that make any sense that EA would be too high? I don't see any nerf Shield/Ice/SR threads, so why would porting something that would be slightly weaker be a dealbreaker lol... Especially now with all of the "if you want harder content, don't max your toon out" conversations =P
  2. Devs, Please please please please please allow for powerset proliferation until there's a chance to do an overhaul. Right now, there's a few fotm builds that everyone is using to do certain things. In lieu of balance or fixes, the current state of the game is, "It's not top tier, but it's still fine". Implying that people should be able to play like they want. I agree with this fully. I want to be able to play a tank with all of the options, Energy Aura, Regen, Ninjitsu. Sure, it'll be utterly suboptimal. But let that be my choice, please 😉 Now for melee, I want all of the melee attacks to be available to everyone. I'm not sure how hard of a change this would be, but if I was on the development team, that would be my focus =P Making everything available to everyone. For those that weren't aware, the original City of Heroes Alpha had it where all powersets were available to every toon created and it was further refined into the model that we know and love. Now, we have level Epic power pools that provide holds and immobilizes to tanks, ranged attacks to melee groups, shields to controllers, etc. So we're slowly getting back to the CoHA but doing it in a way that doesn't make the game feel trivial until we get to level 50 and incarnates. I'm not suggesting we break the current mold, but pushing power powerset options to people that make sense would be an amazing start. Cheers! Thanks for reading.
  3. That's my point exactly. There are spawns of 16-25 or cases where there are spawns of 30-40. Having an aggro cap of 10 means I have to ask the group to wait, risk wiping everyone but me, or build a specific team around being able to take the damage. As it stands right now, I'm untouched by about 90% of the incoming damage, and that damage is reduced by at least 50%. I want to be able to hold aggro on the entire set of mobs... not half of them. A single rain of fire/freezing rain/etc will sometimes grab massive amounts of things (*Pinelope Yin TF Final Fight for example), or literally any ranged aoe that can hit more than 10 things at once. Raise the aggro cap, increase threat generated to surpass brutes, let tank aoe's hit more targets than brute. Done. Tank is unique again and I can stop getting questions like, "Why didn't you just roll a brute?"
  4. Here's my wish list... I realize I can't have all of them. But since you asked: I want the game to get an engine update. If the game played with much better AI (like the bots on Overwatch (TM)), gameplay changes, etc, The game could be livestreamed with people interested in the turn-out. It would grab new players. A lot of my friends I invited to the game, and it's dated now. The only fanbase will be the old fanbase and a few newcomers. That's amazing, and exactly what I wanted to happen. But since we're talking what would we like to see, I'm throwing it in the hat. I want to see all of the longer TF's get the positron changes. I want to see an overhaul on powerset proliferation. Don't gate it, blow the barn doors wide open. Regeneration (from blasters), Energy Aura, Ninjitsu Tanks! A lot of great changes were made to already existing sets/powers during the proliferation. Let's get rid of the underplayed outdated stuff. I want to get rid of all of the powers that aren't really that useful. You know what they are. I want to see new content, new powersets, and new skins for old items. An updated color palette with more color sliders. Facelift on the old zones. New Hero designs. Let's retire the old freedom phalanx, and add in a new hero set for the rebirth of the game. Throw in a story arc about how the shutdown was all a part of a nemesis plot because the heroes got too strong for live. For the love of all that's statesman, please finish the unfinished story lines. More single player story lines/task forces. More DFB style queueing. Allow AE style missions that are amazing get incorporated into the game itself. Offer players a special badge/title/etc. More fun things in game. A lot of people used to spend literally HOURS AND HOURS building a character with extremely specific look and feel, use emotes all the time to change powers, etc. I had macros on macros on macros. And it was some of my most fun play in the game. Add in something silly. Finally, I know Jimmy already confirmed it... but I want to see the holiday events return. And a new COH holiday when the game was official. Date doesn't matter. You get the idea.
  5. In short: I'm glad tanks are finally getting some love in the damage category, but I'd rather see a different use for gauntlet. I've always hated gauntlet and "punchvoke". It wasn't guaranteed, it had to be a single target attack, and had a ramp-up time. So on tanks, I usually resorted to taking taunt and trying to grab a taunt power that had an inherent chance to hit. This guaranteed I would have aggro on things. Then they added the 10 target aggro cap. Most missions have groups of 16-20, leading to some players getting rolled over if they used their most-fun abilities: Rain of Fire, Freezing Rain, etc. I would much rather see gauntlet simply increase the amount of things the tank can taunt instead of having to micromanage the 10 target limit on aggro. It would push a distinction between brutes/scrappers/tanks again. If brutes also get punchvoke, what's the point of having gauntlet? Or make all scrappers mag 2, brutes mag 3, and tanks mag 4? Or if you currently have aggro on the target you do 125% increased damage? As far as the damage changes, I'm glad it's finally happening. I love playing tanks. The downside was always having to team. There are few tank builds that allow you to solo with some level of speed comparable to most other classes. Then you end up sacrificing so much defense in some cases that it's better to play a scrapper just for the inherent. I've actually considered swapping to play brutes only and just making my team deal with the minor inconvenience of having slightly less defenses than a tank. Some specific notes on the changes: Most of the tanker cone abilities went to 10 targets max and most of the tanker PBAoEs went to 16. There are a few exceptions: Should be 16 and are 10: Dark Melee's Soul Drain, Spines' Spine Burst is still at 10 and Titan Weapons' cones Defensive Sweep and Titan Sweep are still 5 targets max. Should be 10 and are 16 (possibly due to the effect area listed as an aoe vs a cone): Spines Throw Spines Kinetic Melee Repulsing Torrent Dual Blades One Thousand Cuts Ice Melee Frost Katana Golden Dragonfly (I found this to be rather interesting lol) War Mace Crowd Control Battle Axe Cleave To comment on specific power changes: I'd personally like to see Dark Melee's soul drain go to 16. Kinetic Melee's Burst is set to 16, allowing it to have a really nice damage potential with the build up. I'd like to see the same effect applied to Dark Mele's Soul Drain. For the Rage change: Make rage a toggle that uses a decent amount of endurance (like dark's Cloak of Fear (.52end/s). I would give a lot to see more sets get proliferation. I'd pay money to get the blaster's martial combat visual effects as a secondary (just give me their version of storm kick lol). I still want Regeneration, Energy Aura, and Ninjitsu as an option. Pretty bad tbh. Final thoughts about the attack sizes: I don't mind the cone attacks having 16 potential targets effected, with a couple of exceptions. I think if you keep some of the lower damage ones, it will make them more appealing. But if you keep the higher damaging ones, it will drive people to gravitate towards those powersets. I also realize that they're likely set-up that way to diversify the sets they are using. If you change the effect area or attack type, it could potentially change the IO sets that are allowed in them, completely changing some of the builds.
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