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  1. Copying from something I wrote elsewhere: this is for a real world project. I'm a tabletop roleplaying game player. And there was a newly announce Marvel roleplaying game. With a public playtest in like 10 months. I like me some superhero games but only half my players care about Marvel and it'd be neat to allow them to do their own thing. And I realized I could probably set it in Paragon City. I’m a fan and it’d be easy to sit them down in front of the character generator for making costumes. And then I started wondering how the setting would have changed. Becaus
  2. Speculation thread here folks. The history of Paragon City goes to 2002. Some events would have occurred after. The Council defeating the 5th Column, the Shivan Meteor destroying Galaxy City, repairs started on Faultline, and a few character developments. Imagining if CoH were a modern MMO like World of Warcraft and evolved with a new expansion every two years. If Paragon Studios had Blizzard's phasing technology and such. Of if it were a "real" city or living setting. that could change over time. Zones changes, characters grew older or died, and the storyline moved o
  3. Okay, to out myself, I was the dominator. Ice Control and Icy Assault. I was dropping Block of Ice as fast as possible, but my other hold (Glacier) is PBAoE and does nothing to the flying mitos. Proccing Domination didn't seem to be a real option, as it only recharges with prolonged combat. It would be good for one and then nothing. The entire group wailed on the mito and it's health didn't even flicker. Despite being a L45-50 TF, it was shrugging us off like it was a L50+ TF designed for people stacked with IOs.
  4. Playing weekly with four friends, doing TF runs. We just hit cap but have generally been steamrolling through content pretty reliably, and playing at a high difficulty consistently. This TF just flattened us. No matter what we did, we couldn't take out the healing mitocondria. Or even significantly damage them. We even dropped things down to difficulty +0 and still couldn't deal enough damage to them to overcome their healing. Looking at guides, you need to hold them and slow their healing. But we only have the one dominator with a single target hold and no group
  5. Old player who is super happy to be back in Paragon. I was there in the "open beta" and when the servers when down. But I missed a lot near then end and am not up to date with the newer issues and some of the changes. It's great that you have multiple costumes unlocked a low levels. But I'm curious about the extra costume slots labelled "earn in game". How does one do that exactly? Is it a mission? Event?
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