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  1. To clarify, are you suggesting that if these changes were made, the powers should go back to being mutually exclusive, i.e., you can only have one running at a time? Or just that with these changes, you would only need to have one running at a time, but could still potentially activate more than one?
  2. While I'm not crazy overall about HC's changes to the travel powers, one thing I will give them is that they at least seem to have made any reslotting unnecessary. Any of the new powers seem to be able to take the same slotting as the ones they are replacing.
  3. There's a difference between "enjoying the game" and "balancing the game around purchasable temporary boosts."
  4. What about the changes in i27 (Page 1 or Page 2) makes you think that the HC team has any priority for preserving nostalgia or the cottage rule? Powers have been fundamentally changed to do things never intended, some powers being completely replaced with totally new powers and functions. And this is not about one or two critically "broken" powers, but large numbers of whole categories. No, the cottage rule is out the window, and anyone looking for nostalgia should be looking at a certain other server, I'm sorry to say.
  5. And I'd rather have Afterburner have its functionality restored, even with all its original requirements.
  6. That's disappointing. Having a tray pop up for a single power is annoying, and something I'd want to turn off. But I don't necessarily want to shut off the Kheldian form trays.
  7. Unfortunately I can't get on beta at this time. But I'd like to know how the devs intend it to work (and have been asking such for some time, and instead got told "you can't use these powers while in Kheldian form," which was so not what I asked!).
  8. So, going off of my previous question regarding how these trays will interact with Kheldian forms - if the "Mystic Flight popup tray" is disabled, will that also disable Kheldian popup trays (or any other similar trays), or will they be controlled independently?
  9. It's not a setup that can be easily shared. They utilize a Logitech gaming keyboard's macro key functionality to work.
  10. No, it really can't. Not without completely reworking what I have from the ground up, and that means changing 15 bind files that took significant time and effort to get to work in the first place. No, "simple" means not using binds/macros period. Making them not mutually exclusive doubles this effort from what it was before. Sure, it's "just one more click," but that's one more click on top of all the others that must be toggled when entering/leaving combat, and it's an effort that was previously unnecessary. You may not think it's a big deal, but
  11. You would be surprised. The number and nature of questions I've gotten about binds and macros... ugh.
  12. @Jimmy Will you issue the same warning to those on the other side of the argument who have been "clogging up the thread" equally if not even more so?
  13. But you can toggle Ninja Run off when you don't want it. Short of doubling up all your costumes with ninja stance/non ninja stance versions, you can't toggle off the stance. And even if you did that, it would effectively be on a 15s cooldown.
  14. For some characters, I've used some complicated keybind files to toggle between hover/fly or switching them off, while also swapping costumes. With two keys, I could go from any state to any desired state. These do not work now that the powers are not mutually exclusive. So for complex setups, it doesn't work. For most of my characters, I just had keys assigned to the Hover and Fly powers, no macros needed, and I could just hit one or the other to turn them on as needed, and rely on them toggling the other off, or still would only need to hit one to have neither on and land on the ground
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