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  1. I think this is a great idea. The argument against it would be that this is all available with the rikti practice dummies and tailored AE missions. I would argue that the practice dummies are only really useful for testing rotation animation times and endurance drain. I'd also argue that AE missions like 801.3 serve as a benchmark only for a very niche set of highly optimized tank builds.
  2. The other day I saw people complaining in the LFG tab that there were players doing Pylon DPS testing during a MSR. Personally, I've never come across this being a major issue but I could see having a solo DPS testing instance being overall beneficial. I could see the implementation being a testing tab within the LFG tab that has a Pylon Test event that you can queue for. The instance could just be a very small map with the single Rikti Pylon NPC. Expanding on that idea, here are a few additional suggestions: Give some kind of in-game metric to visualize DPS. Perhaps the sam
  3. This guy is gonna love St. Martial.
  4. Two suggestions: 1) Cold damage proc. Pretty straight forward.. there are procs for every damage type except cold. 2) You very rarely see cold damage in the game outside of winter events. The rare cold dmg mobs that actually exist never feel like a threat. It'll be something like a Council minion hitting you with cyronic rounds or a CoT Ice Thorn Caster throwing a snowball at you. It would be nice to see some bosses added that have access to hard hitting cold powers like Freezing Touch, Frost, Bitter Ice Blast, and Water Jet. I think a big issue with the lack of
  5. Love it. Just more reasons to invest more time into the game. How about taking it even further and adding "Challenger of ..." badges for those who are able to SOLO a +4/x8 TF?
  6. That would be awesome. That would be useful for any powers that crash.
  7. I use binds to rotate the auto power between hasten and domination on my movement and attack keys. However, if I happen to not use one of the keys in time, domination may not get executed fast enough. I can leave domination on auto but I would have to execute hasten as soon as its recharged, which brings up the same problem again.
  8. It would be great if for Dominators we could see some kind of visual or audible warning for when our Domination is about to run out, especially for permadoms. I was thinking it would go off 5 seconds before it runs out. It is SO frustrating to build up domination, use it, and then hear that sound of it wearing off before getting a chance to stack it. I know that you can see the small icon under your XP bar start blinking, but IMO that isn't enough of warning. It's easy to lose track of that among all the other icons there.
  9. What do you expect when many of us have had over 10 years of gameplay to practice with? You're eventually going to be on a team with players that are REALLY GOOD at the game. Metas have changed and there have been buffs/nerfs, but overall it's been the same old combat system since the beginning. If you change incarnates or softcaps, experienced players are just going to fill that void with inspirations or temp powers. Players have been solo'ing AV's/GM's and +4/x8 content since before issue 19. I think @golstat2003 nailed it. I log on to have fun blowing bad guys up for an hour or
  10. Other servers have those crazy customization tools. I don't think they have your suggestion specifically, but they have things like NPC pieces and being able to add details over the spectrum pieces. However, the costume creators on those servers seem really user-unfriendly and cluttered. I've only tried it on Thunderspy, but there were things like costume pieces having names such as "132SDFBA3" and unintuitive selection menus. I think Homecoming has done a fantastic job of rolling out features that have the same quality we could expect from Paragon Studios. The asymmetrical update
  11. I think the main difference, for me at least, would be that I wouldn't PL my characters anymore and would just use farming for inf. It would be a lot more fun to put together the final version of my build as I level up. I figure since the attuned VR's automatically get put onto the market, we might as well add some kind of value to them.
  12. Right now, there's no reason to buy attuned VR enhancements aside from your enhancement UI looking aesthetically pleasing. They're attuned by default and when catalyzed, you can't add boosters to them. I think there should be some kind of value to them. My suggestion would be to allow players to slot the attuned versions of VR enhancements before 50 (maybe min level 22). I don't think this would facilitate power creep as most of the time you're on a TF, you'll have some exemplared teammates that have purple enhancements. If anything, I think this would encourage players to level up
  13. I've ran into a few players who've quit a TF because they thought it was a story arc or radio team. I think the best solution to this would be to allow leaders to invite players back to the TF (you can only invite players who were already on the team). This way you can send a tell explaining to them that they're missing out on rewards and an AV fight and they'd likely come back. I think this would also be a QoL improvement because the other day I was leading a Synapse TF and had a teammate go AFK for a long time on the second mission. Since he was still inside, the next mission wou
  14. This. I think the fact you have to be in the AE building is what deters people from using it to write stories. But I suppose this has major thematic inconsistencies. Maybe Portal Corp and AE come up with a breakthrough that allows us to use portals to enter special AE task forces?
  15. Agreed. I think this is the best solution to this. If we could do things like set the mission door location to any map and add cutscenes, I think this would be the most viable way to get new content. It may be too much of a stretch to request to add those to AE though.. It would also be great if you could REALLY customize NPC's (increase max height, etc). If all of those changes were added, I could see players coming up with a lot of TF's where the quality matches Market Crash.
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