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  1. This was my exactly my point. City of Heroes has given me the opportunity to play this way over the past 16 years. This is a feedback thread, so I wanted to caution against this path because it will cause players with my style to turn away. If the developers view this as the proper path for "balance" that is their prerogative.
  2. "Firstly, the mechanics of the set make the set difficult to get started with. Secondly, when fully built, Titan Weapons massively overperforms compared to other melee set in almost every metric." My perception of this was that the game developers intended to reward players for learning how to manage a relatively clunky set. Taking the skill requirements away from sets destroys any sense of pride in specialization, practice, or mastery. I view City of Heroes as a relatively easy game and the skill needed to run Titan Weapons at a high level was something that allowed players to sta
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