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  1. Hah, gimmicks make me so glad of Beta, so many powersets have something that is great but then on live you realise it is painful. Playing around with Stone Tanker, teleport and fold and its sort of workable. Need to properly slot it on Beta to see if it is worth continuing on live or to go with another idea. And If I can even play it with all the teleporting necessary. But even kitting out on beta can be tedious. So many new powersets to try, thank you Devs. Which reminds me, Bio armour...
  2. Thank you so much, I tried looking at the damage output but could not pick out the contaminated. Seems worth it so I'll look at incorporating it more. I do prefer the fast attack powersets though, parked my Energy Melee and TW for the same reason, but I like this character. I see the slash command /logchat is that how I get it to a text output? And I remember there are timestamp options for chat as well.
  3. *looks innocent* No, thankfully did not take Proton. Atom, and a procced out Ball lightning and Burn for the AOE with Radioactive and Devastating for single target. Fusion and Fiery embrace when they are up. Had not bothered with Siphon due to the heal in Fire. I don't run against AVs (execept patron arcs or when I have to) and solo large mobs of minions more than single hard target. My question is really should I be using the single target attacks more than I am -does the spike damage of contaminated contribute enough - as I know the way I play is not really interesting to others.
  4. Is the mechanic a key part of the set damage? Should my attack chain be spamming single target attacks after Fusion and Atom Smasher have contaminated everyone to make it trigger? I hope not as I am not a fan of the Devastating Blow and would like to drop it (turns out I am very much claws, spines and savage preference). I can see Burning Embrace helping the Burn damage, but do not easily see the contaminated effect.
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