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  1. well yay???? hahaha Maybe the modem got jealous and started pulling its weight around the house.
  2. Sorry @MageAgainstTheRegimeI got distracted by work lol. Im guessing you already did a modem reboot, firmware update, reset, etc?
  3. Netgraph 2 is also an option but the bars reach to the top of the screen hahaha
  4. Are you running '/netgraph 1' ingame to see the network performance (the lovely green, yellow and red bars)?
  5. Im using the new HCLauncher. Maybe something there??
  6. That was done a few days ago I think. Might be but Im sure many others would be affected if it was and ingame chat would have lots of chats about poor performance. I did a ping and tracert to the Excel IP and as expected my times are worse yet the game is fine for me:
  7. Can you do a CMD Ping to and post the Time and TTL numbers? See my OP image (bottom half of the image) for the Ping details if you're not sure about this.
  8. Thanks guys. Issue is resolved but I'll answer the question from Marine X. Using a Cat5e LAN cable (always game on LAN when possible). I contacted my internet provider to see if they can assist and after a few days of speed tests and their poor support I moved to a different provider and immediately the issue went away. I am in Australia. Old Provider Ping: 17-41ms Tracert Hops: 21-24 New Provider Ping: 3ms Tracert Hops: 19 @MageAgainstTheRegime something I was going to try but didnt end up doing is a DNS Flush/Reset: Start Menu > type "CMD" (without quotes) Righ
  9. Update: Added some port forwarding rules to the router and I did a quick login to test and it seemed fine. Turned on Netgraph 1 and nothing bad - no red bars or any Duplicate, Retrans or Lost. Exited the game. Loaded the game just now and Netgraph 1 is bad:
  10. Issue Last 2-3 days I have been having really bad lag both in game and the character select area. Running on the Excelsior shard. Loading the character list can take 10-15 seconds to load and selecting a character can take ~5-7 seconds to display the character model. Entering the game can take ~25 seconds to load up. When in game NPCs and cars rubberband back and forth. Powers activate seconds after they have fired. AH is a pain to use where clicking to sell an item or [Get] either nothing happens or in the chat window it says posted or retrieved the item but it doesnt change my Enh T
  11. This as well. Especially if I run them as a Hero I would have gotten rid of the Arachnos icon.
  12. I've also heard, but can't personally confirm, that this bug doesn't not affect you if you have a T4 alpha slotted.
  13. This comes down to three points in my mind. 1- is the inherent sufficient when compared to other inherents 2- is the power of the inherent sufficient based on what it's meant to do 3- this game is STILL based on SO's so saying slot IO sets breaks the game design rule. Note: you may not agree that the game should be based on SO's but it is and until the Devs say they are rebalancing the game on IO's or IO Sets it will remain SO based.
  14. I think this has merit. Like giving UB a 7th enh for (rough idea) Recharge so if you have used the "normal" 6 enh in a power you can slot another 5 Resistance powers with 6 UB IOs by using the UB: Recharge IO. Again some sets may warrant being excluded if the 6th set bonus is deemed too good but also that could just be a build choice. As other have mentioned slotting 6 Gaussians multiple times (using this idea) for the +2.5/1.25 Def is a lot of slots that could be used elsewhere. If that's what you want to do then ok.
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