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  1. Hey Frankenstein's monster there is a weird alien lizard trying to eat your brains.
  2. Ugh. Being Macho or manly does NOT make you a villain. There is nothing wrong with a manly man.
  3. Cover art looks great Fox!
  4. I remember the Justice Avengers now hahaha! I never saw the sequel though thanks for posting CR!
  5. *waves @Twitless* Welcome aboard, glad to see ya brought a new comic to share!
  6. *groan* thanks Troo. Almost sorry I asked LOL! Throw in hoster of fun contests and yeeeap, summed him right up!
  7. what's funny about swapping yellow and green?
  8. Congratulations American Valor and thanks again for everything CR. This contest has been a grand distraction and lots of fun to boot!
  9. The costume color challenge is great! What the heck is a corpseflinger though CR?
  10. Thanks for that @Oubliette_Red and for helping bring back this challenge! 😍
  11. Thanks! Congrats on being a finalist yourself, Goblins together is a great twist and clever pun all in one. Yeah it does already and that's saying something.
  12. Wheeeeee!!! Thanks everyone and congratulations to the other toppers @biostem @Metatheory @American Valor those were great too! This week really had us stretching with the colors and theme and it's amazing what y'all came up with. Edited; Read the OP @Christopher Robin I can wait, please take your time and I hope your arm feels better. Thanks again for all you are doing, this contest is great fun!
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