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  1. Awesome and very useful guide. Two comments: 1) The P2W enhs are still useful beyond level 20. What they lose above lvl 20 are the procs. To be clear, for example let's take "Clockwork Efficiency: Damage/Recharge/Chance for Energy Damage" If you slot this at levels above 20, you'll still get the benefit of the damage and recharge (but no proc). This is easy to see in the enhancement window. Simply place it in a power when you're above 20 and you'll see the damage/recharge benefit. They are still pretty good for quite a number of levels, as they give you 16.7% of both damage and recha
  2. Firstly, thank you FourSpeed for an excellent guide. I really appreciate the way you start as far back as going through the tutorial, guiding along every step of the way, and also being able to completely bootstrap from zero inf. The build also works quite well, though I was able to evolve it a bit, such that it works quite a bit better early on. Big picture, at lvl 22, I am able to farm +1/8 quite quickly, without much risk, and using only lvl 25 IOs, just as your level 25 version uses. I basically was following your guide, and got impatient, and figured that since a lvl 22 can slot lvl 2
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