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  1. My girlfriend wanted to go out tonight, but my SG had planned on running the ITF a few times. COH's before ho's.
  2. Holy hell, that goblin costume wins the whole damn thread, hands down. Spectacular work, absolutely stealing elements of that. I'm not that creative, but some of my guys turned out alright, I think. Xipe Totec, the Aztec Flayed God. Note the spiffy constantly dripping blood. A bug-man costume for a stalker. I like the pincer-claws.
  3. Awful, awful, awful idea. The only point of Daily Login mechanics is for devs to keep you coming back to their game in order to throw more money at them, often in the shape of microtransactions. These servers are currently free. Adding something like this would be counterproductive in the extreme.
  4. Thanks for the input, guys. I messed around with it a bit - turns out the Circle of Thorns costume pieces can look pretty insect-y if you colour them a bit dark. This was what I ended up with. Think that it turned out quite well, although I may put a hood with antennas on him instead.
  5. Howdy. I've got a hankering to play a Man-Bug mutant type character, but the options ingame for making insectoid characters appears to be somewhat lacking to me. What I wanna make is a bug-looking character, but ideally without the very long silly feelers that are one of the headgear options. Insect-like body armour would also be a plus, as I intend to go bio armour with him. I've tried to put some mandibles on him, but nothing seems to really fit the look either. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. According to another poster, fairly major crash during last update. Servers will be back up "not soon." So yeah, go do something else for a few hours at least I guess.
  7. Figured as much. Guess I'm entertaining myself some other way today - thanks for the update.
  8. Getting this too, after the update earlier today. Ran fine this morning, so it seems the update borked something a bit. Kinda nostalgic, since this is the error I recall the most in 2012 as well. Any ideas on how to fix it?
  9. Yeah, seems to be down for now. A shame, was looking forward to COHing all weekend. Hope they pop back online sometime soonish.
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