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  1. What would be the best secondary to pair with Storm? What would thematically match for Sailor Mercury ???
  2. what about dual boxing Ninja's/Kinetics
  3. As the title says i'm having some problems with the keybinds. I get the error unalbe to read in keybind file: c:\coh\shield1.txt
  4. Master and Student is my water/empathy defender. I hit 47 early this morning, and need some slotting options. Specifically Fortitude and Adrenalin Boost. I'm also trying to figure out which water powers to keep. So i guess all in all, i'm looking for a build. Preferably a team build. Also, how does one post a build from Mids to the Forums??
  5. I'm trying to find a name that doesn't sound evil, and i want to RP a Thugs MM. What are some of the names you guys are using ??
  6. its alright i figured it out, guess i was thinking that it would have the sound effects for when they transform
  7. i should restate this, i tried it, and i'm not sure exactly how it works. when i make the bot, it sounds how it normally does.
  8. So a few months ago, i leveled my first Lvl 50 Dom. Her name is Dominatrix Jace. I kind shelved her, until i could at least afford some SO's. Right now i'm sitting at 111 million. I know its not alot, but its what i got. So I would like a build that can be exemplared down, when i run TFs like Positron. It should also be able to solo missions if the need be, but mostly this will be a team friendly build.
  9. thank you for posting these, i tried search, and nothing really came up
  10. I unlocked Destiny and Lore, and it got me thinking, how does this stuff work???
  11. I just hit lvl 24, and i'm curious if i should slot SO's or IO's at level 27? and which would be cheaper ?? i have 52 million to play with. Also, if i should slot with IO's, what IO's would be good for a Kin/Energy defender ??
  12. Not sure where to put this post. How does allowing multiple instances work ? do i need more than one account, or more than one computer ??
  13. maybe i'm not looking in the right place. could someone point me in the right direction.
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