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  1. so shouldnt the provider be handling this? it will take days to fix IMHO... because providers couldnt care less about the problems experienced...
  2. here we have another example of an abusive person who likes to embarrass others to make themselves feel good... why would i want to share anything with low life losers like this hanging around?
  3. i have NEVER once sent random messages to players BEGGING them to team up with me... i ask in LFG and there only...
  4. i dont know much about these crafted or special enhancements found on the AH... i have a ice/ice controller and would like to boost it with better enhancements. i dont know where to start, looking at them on the AH confuses me to the point where i quit the game and make a new character... can anyone help me?
  5. i want to know why the community doesnt seem to care about new players who dont know the ropes.... i can never seem to get a full team together, and when i do, they all quit within 1-2 radio missions... then try to recruit and nobody cares to join... whats the use? now i truly see that the world doesnt care and everyone around me is rude and abusive... THAT is what games breed...
  6. how do you rename your global account?
  7. id like to know how i can delete all my characters and then pass all my influence and other things to a new character... i was judged and attacked by the community... i am being forced to start over, because i was forced to defend myself... and now these people refuse to help me... so maybe coming back was a bad idea... since the community has gotten way worse than it was before...
  8. whomever brought this game back, thank you so much... cant believe im playing this in 20221... best start of my year ever...
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