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  1. First time I've been around during donation window. Glad I could contribute to such a friendly bunch
  2. Is this still the optimum/only way to get incarnate pieces solo? Thanks for all of your great work, Ok.
  3. The COX client runs amazingly well on my M1 MBP w/16gb memory. On default settings, I get framerates around 60fps continually and maybe only some dips during MSR. That's been my main driver since March. If I run two clients at the same time, I still barely drop below 58fps. I'm sure if I adjust the settings and display both clients at once that the results would be a bit more drastic. I often forget the second client is even running. I snagged a copy of Parallels ARM version and it was terrible, although now I see I should try the 32bit version instead. 😄 Where would I
  4. What's the correct folder to store vidiotmaps in on macOS? I feel like I've tried all the obvious candidates with no luck. I'm missing something obvious
  5. Thanks Avernal, it was the leading period in the /bind/ location. Once I pulled that out I was seeing better results. Good idea on the folder location being a possible issue. 🙂
  6. Hi, I'm trying to get this running on a MacBook (no number pad). What are the action keys, in that respect? When I run the bind my in-game key binds (pure default) get wiped out and nothing seems to happen after 1-2 inspirs disappear. I'm not able to tell if the binds are still in memory or not; there are no error/processing messages to track... for the sake of error handling, at least. Once it works I won't need no stinking msgs. :D
  7. Nostalgic - many of us seem to have returned in a short period of time, which I admit may appear oppositional to the few who have been here all along. Seems fitting though.
  8. I was on Justice! Some names seem familiar but I don't remember hanging out with you. Krafti (MM bot/dark) Bendetta (Corr fire/thermal) Meshell (Brute) Bouncy (Empath/elec) Just to name a few. I'm on Excelsior now as @krafti
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