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  1. I am not sure whether you are being intentionally obtuse, or just obnoxious, but your response has nothing to do with what I said. You join the Discord server looking for help and CANNOT POST for 10 minutes. I said nothing about how quickly people respond. I understand that the purpose of 10 minute preclusion is to curtail spam-bots. As you point out, actions have consequences, and, telling someone to go to Discord when they are looking for help, then not allowing them to post for 10 minutes because you find preventing dealing with the spam-bots more important than their time AFTER explicitly telling them to come to the Discord is a message in its own right. For future reference, if nothing else, think about what other people are likely to think of this community in reading your response. You say, "No offense", then, immediately, make not one, but two, Ad Hominem attacks before you (intentionally?) misconstrue the point you are responding to while accusing a sense of entitlement to defend a design choice that I personally have experience with as being frustrating. You then go on being condescending for your entire post with a known new player. Think about what someone with no frame of reference is likely to think of this community when a senior member reacts that way. I won't be coming back to the forum, as this morning was idle curiousity, so any further posts won't be read. /OP
  2. Tried the game, offering feedback on my way out. I am not trolling, however much this may seem confrontational. Telling people on the forums to go to the Discord to get real time help, then having a 10 minute silence when they join, is guaranteed to be frustrating. Character building should check the requested name as a first step, not after the character is functionally complete. A lot of Supers are thematic, and having your theme fail after you have invested all that energy into it is another source of frustration. I realize this is a carry over from the original game, but having the toon stand there, not doing anything because there is no base attack function, is another source of frustration. My wife states that she found the clothing choices for female characters less than satisfactory in that they were very limited. I wanted to be part of this game, as I have heard good things about the community. Unfortunately, I didn't feel the game play matched the potential of the community. Thank you for the chance to join, I wish you folks well.
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