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  1. Artificial Malevolence: Praetoria's Latest Weapon of War! Real Name: Kord Industries Model KI-MB3 "Kimberly" Identity Status: Classified Alignment: Praetorian Loyalist Occupation: Praetorian Police Assault Robot Abilities: Encyclopedic knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering, medicine, and Primal Earth history and geography. Modified Cleaner platform allows for ionization of air particles, creating electric arcs for attack and defense. 8 Zettabyte SSD. 1TB RAM. 1.24THz Processor speed. Primal Earth Knowledge: First known to the world (in the for
  2. The Reaper In Red: Vengeance From The Grave! Real Name: Ruby Hardt Identity Status: Secret Alignment: Vigilante Occupation: Vigilante Abilities: As a revenant, has superhuman strength, agility, resilience and senses. Functionally immortal. Body regenerates fully every night at sundown. Dulled pain receptors (damage feeling less like pain and more like a light brushing on her skin). Public Knowledge: The PPD have been finding a spike in gang fatalities lately. These don't seem to be the actions of gang wars or any known rogue entity however. No guns, no
  3. Guilty Verdict: Innocent, but presumed guilty! Real Name: Valerie Douglas Identity Status: Public Alignment: Fugitive (OOC Villainess) Occupation: Mercenary (Formerly MMA Fighter) Abilities: Gauntlets allow for ki blasts and flight. Expert in kickboxing and jujitsu. Public Knowledge: Valerie "The Verdict" Douglas was a rising star in mixed martial arts, sporting a 6-0 record and having just debuted with the Universal Cage Fighting organization, when her wife Trish was found brutally beaten, murdered, and thrown into a ditch in King's Row. PPD would qui
  4. Eliza Stormbridge: Vampire Detective... For Hire! Real Name: Elizabeth (Surname Unknown) Identity Status: N/A Alignment: Heroine Occupation: Private Investigator Abilities: Vampiric blood magic allowing her to heal others. Wields a pump-action shotgun. Heightened senses amplify natural detective skills. Public Knowledge: There's a new PI in King's Row. Ordinary citizens don't know much about her. The apartment's blinders are always down at day, and the detective only sees clients at night. Also, probably unrelated, but there's a lot of Skulls found wit
  5. Was @OctoberRaven in Virtue, and October Raven was my main. Was in an RP-heavy SG called Millenium Paladins.
  6. Special Agent Bones: The Skeletal Spook! Real Name: Marianne Bones Identity Status: Public-ish Alignment: "Justice" (ICly Vigilante) Occupation: FBSA Field Agent, Division 11 Abilities: Expert in infiltration. Olympic-level fencer. Mutant regeneration powers. Possesses hi-tech gadgetry including a personal holographic projector and teleportation device. Public Knowledge: Only rumors surround Special Agent Bones. A "MIB" type through and through, she's rarely seen in public and only occasionally seen talking to FBSA higher ups. Her FOIA file proves she
  7. The Silver Scrapper: Silver Sentinel was taken! Real Name: Fumiko Wantanabe Identity Status: Secret Alignment: Heroine Occupation: Engineer Abilities: No inherent metahuman abilities, but power armor provides near-invulnerability and solar-powered energy blasts; Engineering prodigy. Public Knowledge [Silver Scrapper]: The Silver Scrapper is a new arrival to Paragon City, a diminutive powerhouse that has shown no troubles dispatching gang members in Atlas Park, shrugging off gunfire and answering with non-lethal energy blasts. Public Knowled
  8. Back Alley Butcher: Where Hot Dogs Come From Real Name: Sawyer Metzger Identity Status: Secret Alignment: Villain Occupation: Butcher Abilities: Rare genetic defect (distinct from a mutation) prevents lactic acid buildup in her muscles, allowing her to carry and wield objects much heavier and larger than she is. Public Knowledge: In Cap au Diable there's a butcher shop with no name, known to sell "exotic meats". What those meats are, nobody asks, but the "exotic chuck" is sold at rock-bottom prices and the more expensive cuts can be competitive to Kobe
  9. Big Jen Stone: The Islands Can't Break Her Real Name: Jennifer Stone Identity Status: Publicly Known Alignment: Neutral (OOCly villain, but will be made Vigilante as soon as in-game possible) Occupation: Bartender Abilities: Mutant with unbreakable skeleton. Near-peak human stength. Knows how to swing a baseball bat. Publicly Knowledge: At first glance, the seven-foot-plus tall Big Jen looks like she could be a thug for one of the many gangs of the Rogue Islands, but Big Jen has no interest in that life, content with living a more or less honest life i
  10. Ripper Reno: The Mercenary of Mayhem Real Name: "Reno" (no legal birth name exists) Identity status: N/A Alignment: Rogue (IC-wise, currently in-game Villain but in the process of correcting that) Occupation: Mercenary Abilities: No metahuman abilities, but an Olympic-level markswoman and athlete, with a knowledge of demolition and B&E skills, extremely resourceful. Gas mask also doubles as multi-purpose goggles with nightvision/infrared/glare-resistant settings, has a pair of pneumatic grapple guns. Public Knowledge: Wanted by Longbow for a litany
  11. Tris Muskarn: The Reptilian Princess Real Name: Princess Tris Muskarn, Sc D Identity Status: Publicly Known Alignment; Heroine-ish Occupation: Intern and sometimes field agent at SERAPH Abilities: Enhanced strength and agility, regeneration, genius-level intellect, accomplished martial artist (equiv 2nd Dan). Public Knowledge: Tris is from an alternate reality unknown to Portal Corp, one where the dominant species is Varanus Sapiens or "Varanians", evolved from monitor lizards. She is second in line for the throne of the Queendom of Niloticus, and an a
  12. October Raven: The Protector From The Darkness Real Name: John Williams Identity Status: Publicly Known Alignment: Hero Occupation: Consultant with MAGI and Portal Corp Abilities: Magical abilities, most prominently psychic vampirism, flight, teleportation, aura sense, and healing. Special Notes: Barred from entering Croatoa except in emergencies. Public Knowledge: Born in King's Row, John was a bookish, anemic youth for most of his life, subject to bullying and abuse due to his condition. One evening, when his parents were both busy, he resolved
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