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  1. Haven't played the game in a while after leveling and slotting many alts. I think the game needs some kind of updates even if they are small ones. I know the team is small, but why not unlock certain costume pieces at least? Like NPCs weapons for back slot, think dual katanas and weapons overall. NPCs hairstyles, like Desdemona or Mother Mayhem, the hoods with hair the Oracles have, stuff like that? I kinda wish there was some NPCs costume pieces unlocked for us. Why are the HC devs so reticent to do this?
  2. Everything looks awesome, I'm hyped for the next update! I hope there are some additions to costume pieces too, hehehe. Looking at those redesigned Warrios, I wish we could use their unique pieces and weapons in the back section. We already have a carcaj, so be able to wear dual katanas, shields, aexs or staffs... it makes sense and its my dream! Are going to be any female Warrior too? I noticed they are only males.
  3. I love the vibe of the latest pieces of content before the sunset: Summer Blockbuster, tons of fun, pretty straight forward and quick to form. Would love to see something similar. Market crash: another example of epic and very fun content. I would love to see story arcs and more TFs in Kallisti. And of course more Incarnate raids. TFs for Praetorians or underused characters like Mirror Spirit, Foreshadow (I know they are trainers but I always loved them).
  4. Would love to see those costume pieces. But I know know other CoH projects outside Homecoming. I really hope there are costume pieces coming at some point. Its needed. I need them lol. Specially weapon backs and holsters, I bet the Paragon team would had released some if the game was not shot down.
  5. I know creating stuff from scrath might be out of the options, but why not adding already existing pieces like the ones I mentioned? There's literally so many stuff to grab from the NPCs that it would be more than enough. Khaolin stuff, the archers group from CoV... theres is so much stuff in there.
  6. I know creating new pieces would require a lot of work, but how about expand our current options? We could have NPCs pieces added, from hairstyles (Desdemona, Mother Mayhem, Belladonna Vetrano), their costume pieces too, other costume pieces proliferated to other sections (spiked collar added to detail 2, helmets details too). Also backpack: existing weapons as back pack, for weapon archetypes or merely cosmetic, like dual katanas, axes, bows, riffles, pistols, battons, staffs... I also always wanted this hood with hair and their loincloth:
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