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  1. The Outcasts haven't had much a presence in the Rogue Isles - until now! This is a low-level, villainous storyline in which you've been hired to help the Outcasts establish themselves as leaders in the Superadine trade in the Rogue Isles. Canonically, this story would take place shortly after Frostfire's arrest in the Hollows. This arc is meant to be able to be run solo or in a group by low level characters with minimal enhancements (but probably not completely unenhanced). While the arc is "Villainous" there's no truly, truly heinous acts in it - just good ol' fashioned opportunis
  2. I just finished playing this new arc and the storyline was a lot of fun - it was really interesting to revisit this old contact and see the Vahzilok and Freaks in a whole new light. The varied enemy types were a lot of fun, and the twists and surprises (especially the Crey one) were great! I'm going to do my best to give feedback with minimal spoilers to the arc since my only big complaint was a mechanical one (and could possibly be a bug). The flow of the missions themselves were fine - while each one was fairly same-y (beat up EB/AV, steal something), the differences in environme
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