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  1. I ran around independence port fighting many different groups and had no problems with knockback. Thanks guys I thought I had gone to all that trouble making a broken build but it seems just the clockwork react that way.thanks again. 😉
  2. Though in saying that, doesn't the kd turning into kb seem like a bug potentially ruining the ability?
  3. ok will do, maybe just avoiding Clockwork 🙂
  4. one run was Clockwork but the others were skulls (i think) that were about the same lvl as i was (maybe one lvl below)
  5. Hi there, i just wanted to check if this is a bug or a change to the way i remember Ice Patch working. It was (and as far as i can tell) was meant to be a slippery patch on the floor that keep mobs slipping and bouncing on the floor (so they weren't hitting me). I finally got the ability on my ice-fire tanker and was shocked to find, the mobs slipped and bounced out of the ice pushing them out of melee range making them attack using ranged attacks. some times they will run back into melee range but most of the time I'm forced to chase them to kill them. I remember this was a bug in the ori
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