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  1. Just finished up leveling a widow to 50, planning a respec and I came up with this build as a survivor/melee DPS type, any feedback would be appreciated. Mary Winchester - Arachnos Fortunata.mxd
  2. Still getting the same error, cleared out all roaming and local app data as well due to the previous post.
  3. Started getting the pictured error when trying to load mids. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted, the usual suspects, still getting this error loading the program.
  4. Finally back in paragon city, played in the early days of liberty 04-08ish, Ran Hami raids in the early days. Bremm Sparkfist - Elec/Elec Blaster RaginCajun - Fire/Stone Tanker Ahmen-Rah - Kat/Regen scrapper Femme Fatale - Inv/Fire Tanker Don't remember other various toons I had. Was in Solus Foundation/League of Above Average Persons
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