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       Early in 2003 two guys named Graham and Paul figured making a website where they could show off some of their videos would be a good idea.  Several months later, when they remembered the idea, they started work on it.  After a couple design concepts, they settled on LoadingReadyRun, inspired in name and appearance by the Commodore 64 home computer system from the '80s.  See, they're also big geeks.  More than just showing off their few previous works, Graham and Paul decided to make new videos.  Lots of new videos.  Like, one every week.  As well as being big geeks, they also make very poor and ambitious decisions.

       More than thirteen years later Graham and Paul with their friends now produce a wide range of video series and podcasts as well as over 30 hours a week of Twitch streams.  Each year LoadingReadingRun runs Desert Bus for Hope, a fundraiser for Child's Play which is the oldest and most successful video game marathon.

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