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  1. About the autosave, no does not have read glow to it and I can still access it. There was five in development missions and now there is just the first one with everything intact not sure why that is, not to tech savvy to be honest. I just have one guess to how this could have happened and I think it has to do with the computer not having enough space. This computer is used by pretty much everyone and I did not notice there was little to no space left on it. Since then I have made plenty of room and tried to see if that would help but it didn't seem work.
  2. So this is my first time working on an AE arc and trying to learn the ins and outs and been having fun with it so far. The first time I had a problem was when I accidentally published the arc to early and tried to bring it back to my local stories and deleted it while trying to make the switch back. I decided to just make it again and I was told to make a back up just in case. The problem is I have not done so yet and again something happened and I lost the arc again. Here is a quick bullet point of what I was doing before I got this screen (screen shot at bottom). logged in and worked
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