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  1. So i found a cool ae fire farm, and i found a build i can follow. Im still really new to COH (been playing about a week) and my brute just made it to 50! I found what i thought was a simple build with ability i can choose from and enhancements i can search on the AH. Most builds are mxd files i cant use or use acronyms i dont know yet. But I found the build listed below but also just found out about purple enhancements lol i have never got one and didnt know about them till i searched for the enhancements in this build. Just thought their was white, yellow and orange ones. Well they are crazy
  2. Update im lvl 47 now, i found a pretty fun AE farm. Just to get my build and enhancements right! Thanks everyone for helping!
  3. anyone have a good build i could follow, some of these forums user acronyms i dont follow or DMX files which i dont know how to use.
  4. Ill have to looking into how to craft that stuff, can the crafted stuff be out lvled? Or are their some that lvl with you?, thanks for your reply!
  5. So I'm currently a spine fire level 33 Brute, I'm very new to the game in fact this is my highest person. Is there a way to solo farm at level at this level to make money and or get to 50? And if anyone has any build tips I'd be thankful. My goal is to get this character to 50 so I can make money to spend on enhancements for alts. So I can play them without feeling like I'm about to run out of money and I plan on leveling than normal just without the stress of enhancements.
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