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  1. They might be. I sure feel like I run out pretty quick if I do anything other than order my pets around. But, as I said earlier, I actually think they should be given extra damage or effects and the cost can remain high, for balance reasons. That's my suggestion.
  2. A desire to run petless masterminds does not mean that mastermind attacks are not too expensive for what they do. The entire issue of whether you can run petless or not is secondary to the need for those powers to be examined. This is true whether brought up by the original poster or follow up posts. Reducing the issue to only being the concern of self gimping challenge builds is reductionist.
  3. You want a steal my look button? Fo shame!
  4. I don't think we should conflate boosting 3 powers with making a petless mastermind viable. No class that skips 5 powers in their primary is likely to be very good.
  5. As a suppository. ZING! I kid. You don't use it very often in the course of normal gameplay. If you need a panic button after drawing a pile of aggro you can throw it up until the mob has been killed or redirected by your team mates.
  6. It didn't hit me until the first time I returned to Scrapyard's Grave in Potter's Field. That was where I was standing when shutdown hit. I wrote an article for it for the old forum newspaper. That's where the heart of home is for me.
  7. The suggestion: Mastermind attacks could be a little cheaper. The reality: Mastermind attacks are artificially inflated to balance the DPS on a class with multiple damage dealing pets out at all times. The community response: How do you play your Mastermind? Here is how I play mine. He's not asking for build advice. Or play advice. Or why you don't find the reality to be a problem. I'm sure we're all super awesome players who know how to run our class. That's a subject for the Mastermind AT forum. This is about the suggestion. Do you agree that the class would be more fun
  8. I mean, you can. We come up on a google search. You can post and stream and stuff now.
  9. Not really. Because time is linear, most pick up groups are mostly comprised of veteran players.
  10. Katabeatrix is my Thugs/Storm/Mu. She's a former Outcast and her thugs are low level mutants with useless or minimally effective combat mutations.
  11. This thread is very helpful to me in discovering this new AT. I will be making some tweaks to my build based on this advice.
  12. Conversely, I greatly enjoy when other people have pets. I kind of dig the wrinkle they put in combat creating non optimized aggro, it keeps the very old gameplay feeling a little fresh. But hey that's just me. I'm a little bit idiosyncratic. Plus it's cool to see what people name them.
  13. Lemme see.... I got Shore-Thing, water themed Dominator (dark/earth, recolored to be water and beach litter) Roger Macabre, pirate themed Broadsword/SR Stalker (he pronounces it muh-kob-ur, and if you argue him on this point his reply is placate, build up, assassin strike.) Ill-Eagle, seagull man (Nul's second cousin, once removed) poisoned by radioactive oil. Then of course there's the Apes of Wrath, the simian super team I never get around to actually leveling. Guerilla Gorilla, Ape-X, Kong Krete, Monkey Seer. I swap these guys into different classes and nev
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