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  1. But the actually summoned conscripts and portals give nothing.
  2. I could be mistaken, there have been many patches and I am an old and foggy brained man. But I believe the Comm officers gives quite a bit more than LT experience. I think they are like 6x minion xp, since they can summon that many minions. I recall people used to farm them, when xp farming was even like a thing that was hard to do.
  3. Stick it stick it stickitstickitstickit I think this thread should be stickied.
  4. My anecdotal experience doesn't sync with this position. If I am teamed with a trapper, they usually have it.
  5. I ran through these on my main Psi Melee/Rad Armor Brute. I didn't find them especially difficult. I can see how they might be because they are very different from the rest of the content. I will also 10,000% agree with the bs about the fricking spells standing on top of each other (especially because I had very little AoE in my build at that time). That is frustrating. But more irritating than difficult.
  6. Surprised I'll be the first to mention this. Granite Armor. Cool I level all the way up so I can look just like any rando DE mob. And move at half the speed of smell.
  7. This does take me back to when the game was live, learning on my first main, Dark/Rad Corruptor. I always opened with Moonbeam and it was the worst against Freakshow, because SNIPE>HEAL> ME YARGLESCREAMING AS THEY LIFT OUT OF SCOURGE RANGE hahahaha.
  8. I love when old threads like this get necroed because it lets me learn things that I missed while I was away.
  9. Shenanigunner is not wrong, and thumbs downing his posts wont change that. The Wiki is much better than nothing at all, but it will also give you bad information in many places that you might look.
  10. You guys really wanted to fight about this so much you started a fight in the game and came to the forum to finish it. Not an example of either of you being your best self. You both sound like good team mates to me. If you worked as hard at understanding as you did at showing off for the big ego battle, you'd both be having more fun and feel better.
  11. They exist redside but they aren't as common.
  12. Today I learned the limits of the forums profanity filter through context clues.
  13. I just discovered this for the first time myself.
  14. I actually have run across a few brand new players in recent days.
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