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  1. A ninja/ninja stalker was my first 50 on live, and again on Homecoming. 🙂 She's great for solo, you can go +1 or +2 levels of Notoriety pretty early and keep it there; once you're nicely slotted +3 and +4 are definitely not out of the question. I was able to solo Silver Mantis' strike force ("Pirates of the Sky") around level 24 without dying (but using two Shivans from Bloody Bay... the fight against the AV at the end lasted long enough that the power had recharged). Peaceful Embrace is an Incarnate now and attempting to solo all of the other Task/Strike Forces. She can stand up to AVs, and defeat them (usually with a Shivan due to being Exemplared on the TFs). I'm going to use some of the helpful hints from @Croax's excellent guide to become even more of a badass.
  2. Taffer

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    My main, Peaceful Embrace, is a villain (well, Rogue), currently playing blueside for badges (900+ wooooooo!). She'll be back soon(-ish). I mostly solo, but I haven't had much trouble finding help when I need it, or providing it when someone else is in a bind. I used to run weekly villain respec trials on live, and I've been thinking of organizing things again, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Also, I haven't run a Trial since before free-to-play happened, so I'm worried I might not know how to do it anymore. 😉
  3. Yeah, it's not necessary until there's a native Linux game client... I had envisioned it as a (very minor) QOL improvement for Linux players. The port could prepend the WINE bits, and maybe the "make it run on my GPU" bits. The game client is theoretically portable (native Mac and Linux!) because the rendering is OpenGL, but there are a lot of Windows-isms in the code that would need to be smoothed out. Almost all of the 3rd party code is already easily portable, but it's still a fairly huge undertaking.
  4. From the sound of things, the new launcher is portable (or mostly portable)... have you got someone to do a native Linux port? 'cause porting software is one of my things (~30 years experience; I used to be part of the Info-ZIP group) and I'd be happy to poke at it.
  5. Working great on Linux (Mint 20) here via WINE. A few notes: Launched the first time via: WINEARCH=win64 nvidia-optimus-offload-glx wine ./hcinstall.exe (not that it matters, but from my existing Homecoming installation directory). The nvidia-optimus bit there forces it to render OpenGL using my GPU rather than the integrated graphics. I was able to point it at the existing install and copy over the files. Something was missed; the recharge count-down on my powers was disabled (that's one of the Options under "Beta"). I have no idea where/how that setting is stored. Two shortcuts were dropped on my desktop (one a .desktop, one a .lnk); I didn't try launching from either, I just deleted them. I assume the .lnk was from leaving the "Create menu item" option checked while hcinstall.exe was running. I assume I'll be replacing hcinstall.exe with {install-directory}/bin/win64/launcher.exe next time I play. Much faster at launching, and I like that the manifest is (presumably, because I haven't seen the URL yet) being served up via TLS now. It's good enough to push me to abandon Atlas Launcher... it's already got a GUI and looks like it's doing all the things I wanted to do.
  6. I've been writing a native launcher for Linux and Mac platforms - Atlas Launcher. It still requires WINE to run the game (for now...), but the file checking and downloading happens in your actual OS (like Island Rum on a Mac). It's gotten to the point where the command-line prototype runs well, which means I'm playing the game more and hacking less. 😉 I figured I should mention it to improve my chances of continuing work on it, and to maybe get some really early alpha testing from brave Linux and Mac users. If you do want to give it a try, you should (currently) be comfortable using the command-line, and downloading source code from GitHub (the link above). This version uses a cache to speed up launches when the files in the manifest haven't changed. You can point it at an existing City of Heroes installation directory without disaster, or you can point it at an empty directory (or give it a directory that doesn't exist) if you want to download everything again. I'm currently working on a nice GUI version that uses threading to (hopefully) speed up downloads and file checking. I've never done GTK before, so it's slow going. The end goal is to have a pre-packaged binary you can just run, with a GUI. A few notes on the current command-line prototype, if you want to try it: I've got an nVidia GPU, I don't know how to launch things properly on AMD GPUs. Or if you need to do anything to force hardware acceleration. It might fail if you use Intel video, too, I haven't tried. I'm using Linux Mint 20. I don't think I'm doing anything distro-specific, but I haven't tried it anywhere else. I've tried it on MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) using WINE installed from brew, but not recently. It currently uses the first URL for a file when multiple download URLs are available. Clues, comments, suggestions, etc. welcome!
  7. Just thought to look for an Excelsior community calendar now. 🤦‍♂️ Hopefully I can grab the Member of Vanguard badge before you start tonight!
  8. Your Discord tag - Taffer#9272 Applicable skills - C99 (full-time, current), cryptography, application security, porting, etc, etc. (coding since the 80s) Availability & time zone - Low availability during the week; generally around Wed/Thurs nights and weekends. In-game. 😉 (@Okagi on Excelsior) Languages and libraries you have experience with - C, Python, C#/.NET, C++ (rusty), SQL (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server - all rusty), POSIX, code analysis, etc. What you would be interested in working on - improving security, improving code quality, removing Windows dependencies I helped the Ourodev folks for a bit, but then got busy (and one of them was able to dedicate a lot of time/effort, I couldn't keep up). I keep having an itch to remove the Windows dependencies from the client code base (I think Ouro already finished porting the servers to Linux?) so we can build native Mac/Linux versions. It's already using OpenGL (isn't it?), which would have been the biggest hurdle... I should probably just grab the code from there and start poking... I worked for 15+ years as a technical writer, too, and would be happy to chip away at the typos. I post screen shots regularly to the typos thread. I suspect this would be the biggest contribution I could reliably make.
  9. TV's "The TV Report" arc, "say" not "tell say":
  10. Soloing as Operative Rache, my second-ever 50 (a Dual Swords/Willpower Brute), I stumble across Ghost of Scrapyard on Sharkhead Isle. Nobody's around, and I figure hey, debt gives badges... so I start pounding on him. Scrapyarders are all around, throwing dynamite, swarming the whole area. Except, nobody can hurt me enough to make a difference. I'm toe-to-toe with a Giant Monster, and it can't kill me, even with scores of minions, lieutenants, and bosses all around. Wow, I'm super! Unfortunately, I couldn't hurt him faster than his regen could heal him... that's where the awesome CoX community came in. I called for help in Broadcast and on the LiveJournal channels, some additional villains joined me, and Scrapyard goes down yet again.
  11. Tip mission "itl" should probably be "it!" This might just be a font rendering issue rather than a typo.
  12. Operative Renault Strike Force, start of "Steal death rattle" mish: I think I need to perform a task for Ghost Widow.
  13. Not sure if typo or Scirocco has odd speech patterns: "I would strong suggest", should be "strongly". Unless that's how he talks.
  14. I just got the game to launch on Catallina, using the wine64 from brew: brew cask install xquartz brew cask install wine-stable use a valid shell script to launch it: #! /bin/sh export PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin export WINEARCH=win64 export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.privatewine cd /Applications/coh || exit 1 /usr/local/bin/wine64 "/Applications/coh/hc-bin64/cityofheroes.exe" -patchversion 20200417_1390 -auth -patchdir homecoming At launch it offered to download/install Mono (a .NET runtime) and Gecko (an HTML renderer) and I let it. I have no idea if those are required or not. I didn't spend any time playing (yet?) because I'm working. 😉
  15. On the "Track Down James Harvan" mission of Pandora's Box part 2: Dr. Harvan seems at a loss for words...
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