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  1. Thanks for the leadership clarification. 🙂 I chose Crack Whip and Fireball with Assault over Tactics because I didn't have the slots, but I think I'm going to make a 2nd build (if I can justify the inf) without Crack Whip and maybe switching away from Heat Mastery. I just liked the Force Feedback and Sudden Acceleration in Bonfire. Does Gaussian's Build up proc okay in Focused Accuracy (for other characters)?
  2. Thank you! I got the perma World of Pain and Painbringer as well as Hasten already in the build. How does the leadership pool effect pets? Do I want to have it in my build? I have all but Victory Rush currently. Using Veng, Maneuvers, and Combat Jumping as LotG mules.
  3. I've had a MM for a while now, and I really am not enjoying how she's playing. She's demons/pain, but honestly looking at this build, I'm not sure what I'm aiming for to make her more fun. I mainly play melee so I kind of know what I'm aiming for there, but IDK for MM. Am I trying to get any def/res caps? Just buffs for party and pets? With recharge and such? I only seem to find specific guides to certain combos rather than general advice. Thanks in advance. :)
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