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  1. Oh this is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this; I'd been thinking about loading up my own Bio/SS tanker with more procs but was having trouble thinking outside the box of my already-existing build. The sheer audacity of putting this many procs in each attack is just... inspiring.
  2. Could you post your Bio/SS/Soul build? I assume it's pretty similar to how the WP/SS is, but I'd like to take a look at it just to see how you went about slotting.
  3. Amarlex

    Frozen Fists

    Probably an accident when they proliferated the set from Tankers, since -resistance isn't a "thematic" effect for Ice sets and -res on Frozen Fists is exactly what tankers have because of bruising. It's probably an oversight that happened when someone was checking the tooltip info or something along those lines. ...If it actually does apply bruising, though, that'd be hilarious. And probably in dire need of fixing.
  4. If you're not in desperate need of set bonuses, it's probably best to just toss two endmod or heal IOs in there and call it a day, with some extra muling for numina's or preventive medicine or whatever else procs you need. Important note: you can put the Theft of Essence +end proc in there, which I think has a more frequent proc rate than the Performance Shifter +end proc for a bit of extra endurance. edit: mileage may vary. If you're fine on end it's probably best to load it up with heal or slow for extra survivability, but my nrg/martial needs the blue bar more than anything else from the power because I'm the kind of person who runs travel powers in the middle of fights.
  5. Yeah, I'm pretty happy about getting more damage. I don't think it's going to be as huge of a swing as people are imagining, although I really do think increasing the tanker aggro cap is a necessary improvement if you actually wanna make them stronger At Tanking Specifically.
  6. This change probably won't make me stop doublestacking it, since it didn't really bother me before anyway. Seems really... inconvenient, though, for anyone who wants/needs to avoid the crash. Considering the awful DPS super strength does on its own, you could honestly remove the crash entirely and I don't think it would really change that much about the gameplay of the set. It's not like you're going to be topping damage charts either way.
  7. HOLY FUCK THAT OWNS LMAO sorry for the double post but that's so fucking exciting, I love this
  8. cool. hey, maybe that means other PBAoEs get to be 15-footers now. I'd love that for psi and radiation, since those always FELT like they should be foot stomp sized... Also, giving tankers more damage is a perfectly nice thing and I'd never say no to punching harder, but I think if you want to give tankers an edge in *tanking* stuff you should raise their aggro cap above other ATs, if that's even possible. Not unlimited like the Olden Days, but something high enough to handle a x8 spawn and then some might be nice for keeping your teammates safe.
  9. What exactly does the "AoEs will reach further outside of their radius" thing mean? I hope that means that Foot Stomp can still reach 15 foot radius, since it seems to have been changed on Pineapple to be a 10 foot radius PBAoE.
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