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  1. Do you have this as a zip file with latest icon's updated like your signature?
  2. I stream this game, along with another. I was pretty upset that this happened; however, what really set me off was there was no explanation to why it was happening now after what they said about doing so last year. CoH is a big part of my content. I left SWTOR, Blade & Soul, and Armored Warfare behind. ESO and CoH are it for my channel. That said, I now understand why this happened. I reluctantly support it. However, I will stream the game from ThunderSpy now until this temporary moratorium is lifted. Homecoming is my server I started with and want to stay with it. I've read a lot posts talking about streaming CoH (or any other game) is monetizing the game. That's not the case. I do not put any restrictions on who or how my content is viewed. I have the option to stream only to subscribers and to restrict interaction for non-subscribers to followers only (chat). That is monetizing. I do neither. I do not charge for anything regards to my channel. Subscribing to the channel supports the channel regardless of the content provided. Donations either via bits/cheers or money does not denote monetization of content. These support the streamer and the channel. As was mentioned earlier, advertisement aids in doing so, especially when you're a Twitch partner of which I am not. I'm an Affiliate. I've made sure that no content is monetized either by using things like the webcam masks or music requests. And any money I do receive from subscriptions support the channel and pay those expenses for operating the channel and associate programs.
  3. CoH was my very first MMO. I started out tanking in this game because I loved the idea behind it. When the doors closed I was already playing SWTOR. Here I learned the nuances of tanking that made my job tanking even better. I learned these nuances from one of the top rated tankers in that game, Gilgamesh. Tanking, no matter what game it is, is nearly universally the same. Tank's number one job: protect the team. This is done via a tank's ability to maintain aggro. Having great situation awareness. Being able to fight while watching out for the rest of team. Taunting every opportunity or when the situation calls for it. Keeping your threat high at all times. Most importantly, being able to respond to the call for help when someone's alpha calls attention to themselves. If you were able to do what you listed as expectations of a tank in WoW, you should not have any issue tanking in this game. Remembering your primary purpose in protecting the team is grabbing and holding aggro. Each attack of a tank taunts everything alive around you. Your AoE's are major taunting inducing madness for the enemy. Abuse it as often as you can. Abuse your taunt power quite often. Make it part of your rotation. Bind your taunt via a macro to 'T.' Make it a rotating taunt too so you can enjoy spouting out some really abusive degrading insults! It's great for entertainment value too. Remember, tanking is one of the most rewarding aspects of doing so. You're not flashy and you don't do mega damage. What you accomplish is keeping your team alive while you are the mega damage sponge allowing them to be flashing and do mega damage. Tanking, in my opinion, is an art form that requires a player to be the ultimate team player. It requires a level of selflessness. Not many aspire to that level to tank as required. If you were a good tank in WoW you'll be a good tank in this game. Because it is a new game to tank in, does not mean you have to throw out what you've learned to tank and start over. Take what you've learned and apply it here. Adjust what needs to be adjusted and grow with the game. New game, new improvements on how, what, and why you tank. Doing this is the sign of a good player and an exceptional tanker. Just do what you know how to do and the rest will fall into place. Judge yourself on your own merits and abilities not by the expectations of others. Your own expectations have to be fulfilled and when you do that, you've done well. When the mission is completed, no one died and/or the team did not wipe, you know you've done your job right and that is the ultimate satisfaction your are rewarded with!
  4. Exactly where do I put this? File folder that is. 😄 NVM, I figured it out. Thanks! 😄
  5. Not really. I was speaking in-general about the state of 'DPS' that is desired, as I see it, the most desired attribute in a game. The lack of it makes certain powers and abilities less desirable as it does certain classes in group setting or soloing. As you stated in your OP and reiterated here how Dark Armor was itself, changed for the Stalker. Each AT that has access to DA has changes for them. This is evident on all powers that the Stalker has access to. They had to accommodate these powers to fit the Stalker's motif. Just like they do for the Tanker or Scrapper/Brute. I applaud the developers for having the foresight not to shoehorn ATs into these powers at the cost of their primary abilities. This is, in my opinion, what separates CoH from the other games I've played over the years. In this, the AT is the focus for the powers to build upon not the other way around (if that makes any sense to you). Again, changing Cloak of Darkness over to Shadow Dweller was to accommodate the abilities of the Stalker and become synergistic to the power Hide as well as the others. Otherwise, it may well have become far to powerful of a defense coupled with Hide and the other abilities that come along as you level up. Right now, I'm sitting at 33% def (IIRC with lvl 15 DOs) on my lvl 12 stalker. Resistance is low double digits too. That's pretty stout for this level. I can imagine what it will be like when its at 30 to 40. BTW, after all these years, this is my very first Stalker. I don't know why I never played one before; however, I'm considering a re-roll on one toon that I played on live as my scrapper main. Stalker AT fits better to that character's reason for being what they are. 😄
  6. I believe the problem is, and it's not just with this game, has to do with DPS reigning as king and is sexy that everyone must have it. If damage isn't being done, a said ability or power nearly useless or unusable. For example, tanking. Thank goodness here in this game, tanking is able to do decent to good damage, yet still fulfills its role as a damage sponge in defense of the team. However, in other games, tanking doesn't appeal to players so much because it lacks the monstrous damage players desire. So what do they do about it? Well, in SWTOR, (before the egregious changes to the gearing system), they'd load up with all DPS mods/enhancements/relics/implants/ear pieces/main hand/off hand (shield) while retaining the tank armorings (that had the tank set bonus) and play as "tanks" doing 7 to 8k (sometimes more) DPS, AKA Skank Tanks. While the pure tank's output was 2.5k DPS on average. Damage is the name of the game, I know and get it. However, when dealing with defense & Resistance powers...damage is secondary, sometimes tertiary, defense and resistance...damage mitigation is primary. If one cannot mitigate damage one does not survive long enough to matter how much DPS they are capable of. For a stalker, its best mitigation is its ability to remain hidden and drop devastating attacks from stealth. When you have two defensive powers that give you defense, that is a boon in my book. Especially when you can align that with tough & weave & maneuvers. The higher one can get their defense near hard cap, the better their survivability and longevity to maximize their DPS capability. My suggestion is if anyone is looking for maximum and constant damage output, a Stalker is not the way to go. Blasters, Corrupters, Sentinels, Brutes, and Scrappers are. This does not mean the other unmentioned ATs aren't either. Stalker has specific set of skills that, in my opinion, are more finesse than they are raw power that the other ATs offer. Especially so when they are used from stealth. A stealth AT requires a mindset of knowing when and where to attack during any engagement. This applies to all games that have stealth capable classes.
  7. Having a damage aura would defeat the purpose of a Stalker and it's Hide power. Stalker is about stealth and ambush attacks, this above all else is the most important aspect of this AT. Anything that gives out automatic damage like an aura while NOT in combat is counter-intuitive to the AT. I'm using a Dark/Dark Stalker. I'm thankful I don't have anything that would give away my position because of some random attack from an aura. Especially when I'm less than a foot behind them getting ready to give them some surprise loving. 😉
  8. Since it's hanging here, I'll bit and ask. Can y'all share any update on how these talks are proceeding? My viewers and I would love an update if possible.
  9. Wow...a great movie. I'd love to see it if it was full-length movie.
  10. There is a stark difference between 'publicly available' and 'passing it on to Homecoming.' Doing the latter gives them the choice of taking over the project or not. If they do not want to do so, the former would apply.
  11. What I do not understand is instead of abandoning this project and letting it die, crytilis and crew give this project to @Cipher and Homecoming so they can have this tool for the game and player base. That would be a logical step and contribution to the game.
  12. ...that should be in the game. What is you ask? Glide and Running vertically and horizontally on buildings/walls. There are Heroes in Marvel and DC universe that are capable of gliding to the ground. Moon Knight and Batman for instance. For some characters I've built, I take Flight; however, its not really what I need that makes up these toons abilities to get around. I'd love to be able to have super jump and leap to a tall building then glide down to some point in a zone. Likewise, with super speed, like Flash, have the ability to run up a wall/building to the top or nearest horizontal platform. I'd love to see these introduced into the game if at all possible. Thanks. 😄
  13. Currently, I am running my Electric Blast/WP Sentinel at lvl 42 now. I'm amazed at what she can do against the likes of Fake Nemesis or Crey's "Paragon wannabe heroes Defenders." Drain all their endurance, keep them sucking win and burn them down before either of them can activate their "Oh Crap" invulnerability power in less than two full rotations. Mobs? Like cutting down weeds with a weed-wacker! However, the alpha strike capability is lackluster compared to Blasters and Corrupters IMHO. I believe Thunderous Blast could be buffed to do a bit more damage than its doing since it is this set's major attack. And maybe tweak the endurance usage a bit on EB that either lower end usage or buff the end absorbing abilities. However, Sentinel is my preferred AT choice over the Blaster or Corrupter. The latter, maybe not so much for the Corrupter, aren't very good at soloing. At least not in the lower levels up to the mid-twenties. I've started a Fire/Fire Sentinel...wow...this one is going to be interesting at least! 😎
  14. Running a Street Justice Brute, I'm amazed at what this power set is capable of. Especially when you get all the combo's and closing powers. The two AOE's are explosive bombs, especially the kick! I now have a tank with it. I'm going to enjoy this even more. Later, I'll level up a Scrapper too. 😁
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