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  1. Running a Street Justice Brute, I'm amazed at what this power set is capable of. Especially when you get all the combo's and closing powers. The two AOE's are explosive bombs, especially the kick! I now have a tank with it. I'm going to enjoy this even more. Later, I'll level up a Scrapper too. 😁
  2. In some instances, an AOE attack can hit them; however, not a direct attack I've found.
  3. I was talking with my gaming partner who runs his brute with Savage Melee. He read this thread then checked on his toon. He confirmed the OP's post as accurate as to exactly what it does IAW this post.
  4. In the first mission for Laura Lockhart, Part One: Net Victory; there is a clickable secondary objective a player can click to complete. However, this is no longer works. It still shows up as a mission objective after mission completion. I don't know when this stopped. I don't know if the mission was changed or it stopped working from some prior update. I've included a screenshot showing the notification in chat.
  5. You really need to read and understand what I'm saying, not what you want it to say to fit a narrative that defies logic and reality. You still believe something I have stated 3 times, now four times to the contrary of your premise in your diatribe. Is this clear enough for you? Or do you still wanna believe otherwise? Yes? Good, moving on.
  6. You believe so because it requires a truthful answer regarding your position on whether or not you believe none of them need improvement. I understand, you don't want to on record supporting something you feel should stay the same and not addressed or even looked at to improve.
  7. Really? I suggest you re-read those posts prior to mine where this came up. I'll wait. Oh, never mind. You'll not do it because your mind is set and made up already. BTW, if you've read anything, as stated, from me, you'll KNOW I no longer desire or want to change AD or PB to a toggle; however, that has escaped your attention because you must believe no one is capable of altering their opinions.
  8. So your saying that I much "change my way of thinking, disregard my beliefs in improvement processes, and follow the crowd here. In other words, 1984's "correct way of thinking" must be applied. Meaning of Paradigm Shift: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. Now, your suggesting that I rewire myself to be part of the crowd that believes there is nothing wrong, all is well and it is as it should be an never changed or improved. This is correct, yes? The fact that I'm using a paradigm shift here to counter "the currently belief and thinking of nothing wrong, it is as intended, it does not need improvement" and you are unwilling to even look at the possibility for that to be tried? And you use a straw-man argument to substantiate your post? You might want to take your own advice you tried to give me. Citation: Paradigm Shift
  9. Process of improvement is modified to meet the requirements of said product, in this case, power sets. Yes, that can be applied to in this game. Improvement Overviews: - Improving Balance in relation to other powers - Improving Balance in relation to PVE/PVP - Improving performance of said power based on the observation and actions of the two aforementioned improvement overviews - Improving balance of said power with improved performance - Implement changes to reduce any spikes or lows that degrade performance - Repeat the process until the desired optimal performance is obtained and maintained. That's how process improvement works. You just don't take say, "this power has this minimum performance and maximum performance specifications. The purpose of the improvement process is to reduce these specifications where said powers (similar types) perform at the optimal specification that is desired. The continuation of improvement will raise the minimum until such time that the difference between the maximum and minimum performance values will be at the smallest tolerance producing the optimal quality performance wanted from that power. This is exactly how it is done in manufacturing and business. You just don't set the goal to be between these specifications where all the deviations of highs and lows far out preform optimal performance values. It can be done; however, it takes full commitment from those in-charge to make it work. You cannot do this half-heartedly. That will lead to failure and degrade performance. Process improvement comes when the specifications and tolerances are so small that the results produce the highest quality performance and the results exceed expectations. This results in the highest quality product and will continue that way by monitoring it with the Improvement Process. I address this above; however, the highlighted sentence I will address. No, you don't have to homogenize anything. That's a false assumption to improve anything, even powers. You are basing this on the perception that I want to change it to a toggle. I've given up on that because that's not going to happen. Let me reiterate this: I do not desire for it to be a toggle because no one will change it because no one will accept any suggestion or argument to change it. Therefore, I have given up on that. I did; however, offer a suggestion in this below, not once, but twice. I'll refine this even further. Lowering the cooldown to 30 seconds from level 6/10 to level 20. Level 21 to 30 increase it by 7.5 to 3:07:5. From 31 to 40 increase it 7.5 to 3:15, from 41 to 46 increase it by 7.5 to 3:22.5 and from 47+ return it to its full value of 3:30 where theory crafting and min-maxing can be employed to reduce it as it is currently done. This is the base suggestion. The improvement process can refine these settings to obtain maximum optimal performance and characteristics. Since Active Defense and Practice Brawler have such a long cooldown it does hurt the performance of those using these powers. This is agreed by many posting here that it does promote an issue. You can only carrying so many break frees/emerges/escapes without sacrificing other needed inspirations. This can work using the inverse of the degradation of SO/DOs reduction of efficiency and effectiveness. Will it be easy? No, probably not. Will it take extensive testing? To be sure. Will it improve play-ability for lower level toons? At this point, a strong maybe, it cannot be confirmed until such time this change and tested. Will it cause an imbalance? That cannot be answered until metrics are reviewed for the performance results. However, the latter can be easily identified and it can be refined even more. That's the brilliance of TQM process, it identifies issues and can offer necessary suggestions to resolve these issues. The point is, you asked below; "Regarding Active Defense, is there something that appears to suggest it performs poorly in the context of providing Shield Defense with status protection compared to every other defensive powerset?" The answer to that is yes, with a caveat. It does perform poorly compared to the others because it has a high cooldown. Currently, On my 19lvl Elec Melee/SD Brute, I have one slotted DO with 19.2% Recharge enhancement. My current cooldown is 2:51seconds. That leaves 51 seconds of no protection from mezzes whatsoever. PB has the exact same thing. The others using toggles have no such issue. That alone indicates there's a performance issue. Note, when I hit 21, I will put 2 more slots into this power. However, I have to do this in order to use AD effectively to improve its performance while foregoing improvement of other abilities that may be required. You really need to look into the ISO program. TQM has morphed into an international process improvement program accepted by nearly every industrial nation with a manufacturing and business based economy. So, no, it is universally accepted and implemented by the majority of nations desiring produce quality products, this is especially true for the Oceania and Asian areas of this world. I answered this above. Now, you and everyone else can continue to say, "there's nothing wrong, this has always been like this, no one will like it, no one will accept it, and we will not bother looking at improving anything because the Improvement Process only works in selected areas and cannot be applied here. Those that do that fear changes, fear trying, and are happy to let things go as they are. I give you SWTOR as the epitome of such thinking. The game has more issues than countable and the developers refuse to look at and fix anything from the original content for fear of causing major issues with the new content. I know they were approached on how to improve and they gave this answer; "We're using an Alpha version of the Hero engine that has gone through so many changes that not one current developer/programmer is capable or comfortable enough to make any changes that will cause issue with the current content." Because of the use of EA's go to standard engine, Frostbite, Anthem is an abysmal failure because they were forced to use an engine not designed for games like Anthem, SWTOR, or other Multiplayer MMOs of that nature. Why do I mentioned this? TQL/ISO process would've identified these issues and allowed them to resolve them and improve their products. That can be done here. Far too many companies from Japan, Korea, United States, and other nations proves that notion as a straw-man argument "that it isn't universally accepted and only works in certain areas." The only way to see how to improve any ability or power is to try and and analyze the metric data on how it performs. I'll state this again about SD current iteration: If one of the developers could chime in on this view, I'd appreciate it. I'd finished this earlier; however, we just had a very big earthquake hit near here. 😮
  10. With replies such as I highlighted, your name fits you. Did you ever read what I wrote? Or did you just ASSUME (you know what that word really means?)? Let me show you what I said that you conveniently ignored: What part of "Active Armor can be improved without changing the way it works (manually activated)," do you not understand?
  11. Everyone is now worried about Endurance issues making Active Defense a toggle or lowering the cool down? Pfft! You should run a Stone Armor or Electric Armor toon. I've conquered the "Endurance" issue for my toons. Specifically, on my SA/SS Tank. I run around with Mudpots on all the time. I'm Endurance Positive with my build. Mudpots and Lightning Field are the two highest endurance usage powers in the game with Mudpots the highest at .78%/sec, Lightning Field is a close second. I run with ALL toggles (Leadership (Maneuvers, Assault, and Tactics) and Energy Master's Focus) with Mudpots & Granite Armor and Rooted when required. I have no endurance issues. You believe that I'll have it if I make Active Defenses a "perma-on" power? Oh all ye of little faith. Endurance usage is minor inconvenience under level 47. Yet there are ways to overcome that still. Hint: IO Sets and Enhancement Catalysts are your friends. As for Active Defenses, I get it. Y'all don't want it changed. You believe changing it is unnecessary and it does not need improvement. I'll leave you with this statement: Everything in this game is involved in some type of improvement. The process of improvement is not a one-and-done action. Example: These 14 points of Improving Quality isn't limited to manufacturing or businesses. It is process that can literally be used in everyone's own lives. Most assuredly, it can and should be used in game development at all levels. How does this relate to Active Armor? Active Armor can be improved without "changing the way it works (manually activated)," but by improving how it works. By saying "nothing needs to be done to improve it" ignores the truth. All things can be improved. If you want to debate me on this, I'll enjoy doing so. I teach this very topic as an Associate Professor. I've lived these 14-points as part of the Navy's Total Quality Leadership/Management program. I am intimately familiar with these and how to apply it to whatever I'm doing. How do you think Japan became the manufacturing powerhouse during the 80s/90s while US manufacturing quality declined during the same time-period? Japan embraced TQM while US manufacturers scoffed and turned it down. All it takes is for those in the position with the ability to make changes to look at everything in this game and asking "how can we improve this?" Process/Quality improvement is and should be a continual process. Now, after reading Point #5, who here still believes that none of these defensive sets need no improvement?
  12. How about this then. There are 11 defensive sets. Of those, 2 do not have knockback protection (Dark and Fire). Of the other nine, 2 have manual activation (Super Reflexes and Shield Defense). The remaining 7, excluding Electric Armor, have toggled protection against mezz/knockback. Only Electric Armor has "Auto protection with 'Grounded.' My assertion is, "... that this important defensive power has to manually activated either before or after you've been mezzed." When 6 of the 11 do not as they are toggled on, Electric Armor doesn't count in that since it is an automatic power. We have 2 defensive sets that offer no knockback protection whatsoever (Fire and Dark Armor). Ice Armor has it and mezz/knockback protection with 'Wet Ice.' This isn't about "I personally don't like active mitigation abilities," it's about a vitally important ability on two defensive sets that require manual activation while 7(9) of them do not. The 3:30 cooldown is painful, especially at low levels where you have to invest 2 or more slots into it just to make it manageable. That still leaves a window open for being vulnerable. For a tank player that is painful and can cause a party to wipe at the most inopportune time if they are mezzed or knockback or controlled in some form or fashion and not able to break it for whatever reason. Changing it from manual click to a toggle does not change the play style, it would enhance play allowing the player(s) to concentrate more on the role and doing their bit. 7(9) powers have this ability (really 6(8) if you don't count Electric Armor). Again, 2 have NO knockback protection at all. That means 63.63% of the defensive power sets are toggled mezz/knockback, 18.18% are manually activated, and 18.18% have no knockback protection yet they have the toggled mezz protection. That means 81.81% of the defensive abilities all have toggled mezz protection while 2 do not. I find it troubling that people have to use 3 IO recharges plus whatever else they can get from LOTG Global Recharge +7.5% enhancement to get it down where they have it overlapping for 30 seconds. This takes away from a true min/maxed build when they have to allocate 2 or more slots into a power that cannot slot an enhancement set to achieve this or more as mentioned previously. What it comes down to is 7(9) of these abilities toggled for mezz and/or knockback protection, 2 are manual. That means those 9 have a clear advantage over Super Reflexes and Shield Defense in regards to a defensive ability that requires no manual activation (click) as they are toggled on. That is the glaring truth of this. Toggled protection is an advantage over manual activation. You want to have a reason for changing it to a toggle OR lowering the cooldown, parity between these defensive sets or the lack thereof. Until such time, I will Frankenstein my 'Active Defense' for my Electric Melee/Shield Defense Brute to having this power on all the time. From my experience as a developer, I have to believe that this is a situation the original developers did not intend for players to do.
  13. At this point, why bother? Those who championing the click power are tone deaf to changing it including a GM. As I stated in a reply earlier, I found out the information I was looking for and how I can fix this issue for me until I hit 50 with this toon. One thing for sure though, hell will freeze over before I offer another opinion or thoughts on something on these boards.
  14. Do you understand what "context" means? If you truly do not, please refer to Websters to understand how and why it is important, especially in communicating. Your selective editing or quoting is a manipulation of what I stated, so for context of my statement, here it is in its entirety to refute your assertion that my statement was dismissive. "I read all the replies here. I know all the stories and information. It does not change the fact that this important defensive power has to manually activated either before or after you've been mezzed." Notice the difference? The subject of this statement is not in the first 2 sentences. It is in the last sentence that you selectively edited to fit your narrative. I've highlighted this for your viewing pleasure. Steampunkette, if I were to play the victim card, I can assure you that it would be a profanity laced diatribe on those posts. I have not and will not fall into that trap. Pointing out what is being said to me or something else is not "playing the victim card." Not even close. It does not even come close to the meaning of such an act. The fact that I or anyone else, who posted what I did original and made replies receives undue heat for it. I find it laughable that you and others are saying "I'm playing the victim" because I point out the veiled ugliness in some of the replies. That's truly astounding in my book. Give those a pass while hammering me for it. Nice. Hypocrisy much?
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