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  1. Resist/ recharge/ slow resist is exactly what I was thinking of building (if I ever get there, haha). Glad to know it works out! Out of curiosity, what is your favorite tank? I have a Fire/Claw and Inv/Rad, the latter is the most built, but unfinished.
  2. I have limited experience with dark melee, and spun up a Bio/dark since I wanted to try bio/ as well. I understand bio/ gets crushed by debuffs, and I thought /dark might help. He's 31 on basic IOs, leveled on TFs and street sweeping, and I can only give high marks to leveling with dark melee. Maul and ToF hit a big area, and recharge really fast, and are there for Positron. Most attacks animate fast as well. ToF seems like a no- brainer must- pick for tanks, to me.
  3. I landed on this combo when I was choosing an everyday grab- and- play because it looked like it would have that easy playability with a decent amount of damage. I am curious what a recommended build might look like, I don't get a lot of time to play but would like to polish it up someday.
  4. I've been trying out the improved TP pool on a Rad/EnA scrapper, and it's a really cool way to run a melee. Combat TP is a breath of fresh air after so many characters with hover/ CJ. Do follow the advice to bind it to a key to Teleport to your target, makes it fast and fluid. Fold Space so far is a good way to clump a scattered group. There are probably other tricks i don't know about. Teleport is much more usable bound to double left click, and the hover and endurance discount changes make it much easier to travel. Your build would be comple
  5. I think the devs intend on reworking procs, not least because procs reward not slotting recharge, which is counterintuitive. I hope whatever they do doesn't gut Rad Melee. It seems fun and effective, but not an outlier like TW was as it is.
  6. I've been on Rad melee a bit recently, and you can (and should) 6- slot Irradiated Ground with procs. The reason is that IG is not a standard toggle damage aura, those check for proc trigger every 10 seconds. IG is instead a pseudo-pet, which spawns every 5 seconds. So, every 5 seconds, it checks for proc activation as if it were an activated power. This is set- defining, for me. Go for 6 damage procs (if you include the purple PBAOE proc, you can get that many) or 2 -res procs and 4 damage procs. Solo, the latter might be the way to go, stacking that -res with Bio's.
  7. An update: Sovera's build is a work of art, as usual! At the moment, Quantum Reality has a mostly SO build at 41, with a few endurance- management IOs and frankenslotted Energize/ Energy Drain, and 5 damage procs in IG. Procced IG absolutely defines Rad Melee, for me. The teleport pool is a very refreshing change of pace on a melee. I can go to a mob, or they can come to me. I keybound Teleport to double-leftclick, and Combat Teleport has both a mouse button, and a TP-to-target button. Combat TP is fast as heck, and delivers on the feel that There is the same as Here.
  8. *grabs your paper, dramatically unfurling it to the front page. It reads, "GRIMM'S MIDS OUT OF DATE, COMMUNITY DISGUSTED!"* Those are supposed to be Combat TP, TP, and Fold Space. Should have made that clearer. Ah well, I was hoping there was a more elegant solution, but I'll try it out and see how it plays. Thanks so much for looking at it!
  9. So I'm back in the game and am having some fun with Rad Melee on an Inv/Rad tanker, and I'm getting the itch for critzzzz, boi. @Sovera made a post on Rad/EA, and my theme for this character aches for the Teleportation pool. I've tried tweaking Sovera's build by swapping the Flight pool for Teleport, but it just doesn't look as pretty. Or strong. Anyone want to take a swing at it? Sovera's post. My WIP. Not much different.
  10. Man, I'm interested in inv/rad too. Mine is still under 30, but it looks like inv could be built well enough that /rad could be procced out nicely. I'm also considering the value of Cross Punch as a filler AOE that can trigger the FF +rech proc.
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